Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Summer Learning Journey W1:D2

Activity 1: Facts about England

The name of the capital city is London
  1. The population of the capital city is 53.1 million
  2. In January, the weather in the capital city is usually hot and sunny.
  3. The capital city is located in the southern (northern, southern, middle) part of the country.
  4. The language that is most commonly spoken in the capital city is English.

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Activity 2:

Bullfighting is a sport which is part of the Spanish culture.

I think that bullfighting should be banned as someone could get seriously injured or killed. Like Victor Barrio who was killed during his bull fight and it was broadcasted on live tv.

My second reason is because their Spanish population could decrease as more and more people get involved in bullfighting.

Bonus Activity:

Last November, when I was in Wellington, I visited the Te Papa Museum to look at the Anzac Memorial Art Exhibition. I also visited the Beehive and got the opportunity to get a tour of the building.

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  1. Stevenson!!!

    I am so excited to see that you have joined our journey this summer. Welcome back!!

    I love that you've chosen to visit England. It is a really interesting country with a long and detailed history. I had the chance to live in England a few years ago and I loved visiting all of the castles and ancient cathedrals. I also loved to spend time walking through the centre of the city in which I lived (Norwich) because the buildings were all quite old and grand. My favourite place to have lunch was at a pub that was built in the 12th century. It was over 800 years old and located right beside the Norwich cathedral that was erected in 1145 (almost 1000 years ago). Amazing to think about, isn't it?!

    I hope that you will really enjoy learning all about England. I'm really looking forward to blogging with you!

    Rachel :)

    1. Hey Rachel,

      Thank you for your comment. That's so amazing how a building from the 12th century is still standing. 800 years! That is so many years. I sure will enjoy learning about England


  2. Kia ora again Stevenson!

    What a great blog! You answers for the bull fighting were certainly an interesting perspective, as you have focused on the human side of the argument, and focused further on the safety of the participants.

    What I might ask you to do is think about what the bull might be feeling, and if it is okay to have them in the ring in the first place. What is a bulls normal life? Does it want to be there in the ring? Is okay for it to be killed slowly for fun?

    These are the questions that people have the most trouble with, and are definitely a part of the issue. So although the traditional aspect of it plays a big part in Spanish peoples perception, there is also animal rights, and human safety to take into account.

    Keep up the great work. Would like to hear your perspective on this.


    1. We meet again Mark... haha!

      I've read your questions and came up with some of my own answers.
      What the bull might be feeling?
      The bull might feel furious or scared.

      Is it okay to have bulls in the ring? Well think about it... shouldn't the question be flipped around. Is it okay to have a person fighting against a bull. Bull vs human. Who do you think has the better chances of living? Definitely not the human. But my answer for the question would be no as its species could get extinct.

      What is a bulls normal life?
      Well most likely bullfighting.

      Does t want to be there in the ring?
      Most probably not

      Is it okay for it to be killed slowly for fun?
      No it is not okay. But what about the people would it be fun to be killed by a bull. Those bullfighter could get killed and have kids that haven't grown up yet. Then when their kids grow their gonna die and not see their kids grow up.

      By summing this up I can now realise that the human and animal side of the arguement are equal. Neither of them should be in the ring or try to kill one another.

      Hopefully these answers help you!


    2. We do meet again, Mr Stevenson haha! I'm back from my best friends wedding and ready to tackle your amazing response to my questions!

      I wonder if you looked up the answers to my questions. Did you find out a bull is just a male cow? Male cows like to eat grass and hang out with their families. They can be a bit protective, (like all living things are of their families) but they naturally are just cattle, billions are grown to feed us and give us milk, cheese, and cream; and in many countries, their lives are ended as quickly and painlessly as possible.

      The humans definitely have a very high chance of survival. We are hunters, and a bull fight is more like shooting fish in a barrel than it being on equal terms. The bull is severely injured by a team of men, and tired out, before the matador even comes on to "fight" it. So in answer to your second point of whether a human should be in the ring or not, it is their choice to be in the ring. Just as it is their choice to drive a car or play rugby. If the bull had a choice, I am sure - like you - it would choose not to go up against a team of highly trained and ruthless cow killers.

      I am not sure if this new information will help you see a new kind of logic. There is no right or wrong answer with this question, but I am glad that you still feel like bull fighting should be banned - even though it is for different reasons than myself.

      I am so happy that you commented! I really enjoy having conversations with students about such interesting topics!

      Keep up the great work!


  3. Hi Stevenson

    Well done for participating in the Summer Learning Journey again. I liked your brief post about Te Papa Museum. I loved the ANZAC Memorial Art Exhibition. I've never seen anything like it. It was awesome! Keep up the great work.

    1. Hello Mrs. Lagitupu,

      Thank you for your comment on congratulating me on my participation in the S.L.J and "great work". We should go done there sometime together with the twins and explore the unexplored.