Friday, 26 July 2013

YAY! 10,000 Hits

"CHEE HOO," I screamed at the top of my lungs. I have achieved my goal of 10,000 page views on my blog.

Thank you to people from all over the world for viewing my blog especially Mountain View, California, Pt. England teachers, family and friends for viewing my blog many times. Also a massive thanks to Mr & Mrs Burt. I couldn't of done this without you both encouraging me to keep blogging.

Having 10,000 page views is amazing as I have reached my end of year goal already. I can't believe it because I only started blogging last year December. I am so proud of my achievement.

Thursday, 25 July 2013

Google Chat

You may think what is Google chat? Well Google chat is when you just chatting to friends, family or even teachers online. I mostly chat to a friend that is overseas.

There are 3 types of chatting. These types are text, video and voice.

Text chat is like texting on your mobile phone but the difference is your on a computer or a laptop. This is my least favorite chat option.

Have you used video chat before? I have and you should try it. All you need is a camera on your laptop. If  you have a camera you click on more on your chat and it will say something like start a video chat with whoever is online in your chat list. Then click it and all you have to do is wait for them to answer. Next is the voice chat.

Voice chat is when you can only hear their voice. All you need is a microphone. You do the same steps with the video chat except you click on the phone underneath their name and wait for them to answer your incoming voice call.

Google chatting is a great thing to do when your bored. The only downside is that people might not be online when you are.

Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Monday, 22 July 2013

Steps For Making Scrambled Eggs (My Way)

Things You Need:
Mixing Bowl          Spatula
Frying Pan            Fork
Chopping Board           Plate

1 teaspoon of Butter
1/2 an Onion
2 or 3 Eggs
1 buttered toast

Step 1: Get all your Ingredients.
Step 2: When you have done it then crack the eggs into a clean bowl. After that lightly beat the egg inside the bowl.
Step 3: Get a chopping board and one onion any size.
Step 4: Cut it in half and take one of the halves.(chop it up into small pieces)
Step 5: When you're done get a pan and put it on a stove top then put the element on medium heat.
Step 6: Hover your hand over the pan to check if it is getting hot.
Step 7: When it is get 1 teaspoon of butter and put it inside the pan.( wait for the butter to melt)
Step 8: While waiting spread the butter around the pan.
Step 9: After the butter is all melted then put your chopped onions in.
Step 10: Spread it around the pan until you see that it is nice and brown.
Step 11: Then put in your beaten eggs and wait for 2-3 minutes.
Step 12: Get a spatula and slide it under and check if it is ready to flip or not. (When it is ready to flip it will be solid).
Step 13: After you flip over then wait for another 2-3 minutes.
Step 14: When the eggs are cooked use the spatula to put it on a clean plate.
Step 15: Then cut the eggs into any fraction you want and serve with buttered toast.

Sunday, 21 July 2013

Glen Innes Matariki Light Trail

“ Here we are Matariki Light Trail!” I cried out excitedly. “ I can’t wait to look around this place!”

While I was walking my eyes were glimmering  at all the different decoration.  As I continued further  I saw stalls selling food, drinks and glow sticks. I slowed and asked my mum “ Can you buy me a glowing light please?” “Ok,” came the reply.

After she brought me a glow light we walked around the trail to see the lights on the other side.  The lights on this side looked a bit better, a fisherman  which was so big and bright. Also the bridge was all decorated with lights too. My mum and I stayed until the guy fawkes started.

“5,4,3,2,1 PUKANA!” The crowd  yelled out. Seconds later  fireworks started to shoot up in the sky and bursted out bright coloured sparkles.  It was so loud that the sound  was deafening my ears. The fireworks  sounded like a squeaking, sizzling, sonic boom!! Then a huge firework came out of nowhere and KABOOM! “AHHHHHH!!!” I screamed my head off.  This huge firework set off like a rocket launcher. More and more fireworks shot up in the sky and made a massive cluster of sparkling colours, everyone was amazed.  As for me I didn’t want this to end because it was absolutely incredible. My favourite part was when all the fireworks were sizzling like crazy in the sky.

Matariki light trail was a great experience. I especially loved the fireworks. Thanks to the Maungakiekie- Tamaki Local Board for organizing this. Happy Matariki!

Saturday, 20 July 2013


Have you heard of a board game called Rummikub? I have and it is enjoyable but challenging.

Rummikub is a game that is fun to play. In every board game there are rules right? This one has rules and these rules are you can only pick up fourteen tiles. If you are going to put something down it has to be three or more tiles that are the same colour and different numbers. For example 2,3,4,5 that are all the same colour. Or three or four tiles that are different colours but same number. For example 7 black 7 blue and 7 red.

There are only two joker tiles. With these joker tiles you can replace them for a number. Like if you were to have two numbers that were the same and different colour like 7 black 7 blue then you can place the joker tile next to one of the 7 tiles and it will replace a red 7 or a orange 7. Only four people can play this game.

How do you win you may ask? Well you can only win by placing all your tiles on the floor.

Playing Rummikub is awesome as it helps me to learn how to problem solve by splitting numbers and putting them in order. The only downside is that Rummikub is a hard game to find in stores because it is an old game.

Check out these photos of my Nana and I playing Rummikub.

Friday, 19 July 2013

Avondale Market

On a boiling hot day I went for a drive to Avondale Market. I went with my mum, aunty and cousin.

When we arrived there it was packed! It was so packed that we couldn’t even find a parking. Eventually we found one after driving around for ages.

My family and I got out of the car “EWWW!!!” I could smell something very yuck, “It stinks!!” I said awfully, while blocking my nose. “Let’s go into the Market,” I said to my mum. As we were walking towards the market I kept wondering what the smell was? Then I asked my mum and she said it was horse manure. How disgusting!

When we entered I could see a variety of stalls. Such as clothing, toy, food and drink, jewellery, second hand goods, accessories ETC.

After looking at some stalls I went with my mum and purchased a red raspberry slushy from a food caravan. We strolled over to another food stall and brought a Hawaiian B.B.Q MIX.

Inside the Hawaiian B.B.Q MIX was macaroni and cheese, coconut rice and sweet and sour lamb chops. When I took a bite of everything together It tasted scrumptious!

After having brunch we went and looked at some fresh fruits. Looking at them we thought we should buy some, so we did. We brought pears, apples, mandarins, pawpaws and gold kiwifruits We also went and looked for some sea food

unfortunately they were all sold out.

Overall I had a great time at Avondale Market as I had some delicious food. The only stink thing was that it smelt like horse manure also that there was no more sea food left.

Tuesday, 16 July 2013

The Battle Between David And Goliath

One day there was a boy from Israel named David and he set out to see the Israelites fight the Philistines. But there was only one problem, the Philistines had a big giant soldier, Goliath.

He came stroding out with his armor,  javelin and spear. Goliath began to scream across the battle arena “ SLAVES OF SAUL ! WHO DARES TO FIGHT ME? ONE ON ONE COMBAT. THIS WILL DECIDE WHO WINS THIS WHOLE BATTLE!"

The entire group of soldiers from the Israelites suddenly ran away while David watched in dismay. So he volunteered to fight Goliath. Words passed between people until it reached Saul. Saul asked if he could see the volunteer.

When he saw David he said “ Ohhh. You're just a boy. Don’t go out there and kill yourself, surely you know that Goliath is a professional soldier right?” Then David Replied “ Of course I know that Goliath is a professional soldier but I’m a shepherd boy, I protect my sheep from lions and bears. I even sometimes kill them with my bare hands. If God can save me from those powerful wild animals then he can surely save me from this Philistine soldier.” So then Saul let him go out to fight.

When David came out with only a slingshot and five pebbles in his bag Goliath started to laugh. Why was that? He began to laugh because David was so smaller than him and didn't have the armor that he had and the better weapons he had too. Goliath had no doubt that he would obviously defeat David.

When the battle began David came running towards Goliath at the speed of lightning got a pebble out of his bag and slingshotted it, KABOOM! Right on the eye David got his target Goliath. Seconds later Goliath began to be dizzy then he collapsed on the sandy ground, THUMP! Then David got Goliath's own sword and cut his head off. When the Philistines saw their powerful big professional giant soldier they all ran away while the Israelites jumped for joy.

The moral of this story is no weapons can defeat you when God's on your side. I definitely think they had a celebration after that big defeat. HOORAY FOR DAVID!!


You have to check out this video, above, called SKRILLEX BETTER THAN SKRILLEX. It is a whole lot of AWESOMENESS!

In this clip a man, who has remained anonymous, is in a club on a scratch pad. He is pressing all these buttons which makes all these different sounds. These sounds sound like tapping, drumming, high pitched tones etc. When he presses the buttons and combines all the beats it sounds incredibly! 
My favorite part was when he was going all out.

Also in this clip there is a huge crowd cheering for him while he is combining all the beats. I enjoyed all his musical creations.

Watching the video all the beats sounded amazingly good. When I grow up I would love to experience the DJ life.

Sunday, 7 July 2013

School Social

“ Let’s go to the social!” I said excitedly to my friends. “ Ok,” they replied. So we raced to the school hall where it was held.

Before entering the hall we had to pay a dollar. After that my friends and I went into the hall and started to dance.

Heaps of random songs came on. When Gentlemen came on everybody was screaming and dancing at the same time.

After the Gentlemen song finished the prefects created a dougie competition for anybody who wanted to do it. The prefects told us to form a circle so that people could do the dougie.

First off one of the prefects, Markerita, said the girls do the dougie first then the boys do it last. When the music started some girls went into the circle and started dougieing. After dougieing the music stopped and the prefects chose the 3 finalists. But I only know two and that was Kevine and Enyahlee.

Then it was the boys turn. The music started and a whole group of boys jumped in and I did too. I was dougieing hard out. When I was dougieing it was taking ages until the music stopped.

After the music stopped the prefects chose 4 finalists. Who were Tevita, Simon, Sean and Me. I was absolutely  surprised because I never thought that I was going to get picked.

After the prefects chose the finalists for the boys and girls we had to go into the circle and dougie again to see who was the best dougier for the boys and the girls. The music started and we started to dougie. Heaps of people were cheering for all of us. When the music stopped the prefects were deciding who was the best dougier out of the boys and the girls. When they finished thinking Markerita said “ And the winner for the girls is. Kevine” “ Now for the boys, the winner is....... Stevenson!!!” “ What? I won!!” I screamed excitedly in my head. “ Come up onto the stage to claim your prize,” Markerita said. So I went up on stage and claimed my prize which was a moro chocolate bar. The other finalists didn’t go empty handed they got a freddo each.

After the dougie competition ended one more song played and then the social finished. A couple of minutes later the bell rang and I went back to class.

Going to the school social was a lot of fun as I like dancing and I won the dougie comp. I can’t wait for the next school social.

Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Masters Of Spinjitzu

Title: Masters Of Spinjitzu

Author: Tracey West

Characters: Kai, Jay, Zane and Sensei Wu.

Setting: The Caves Of Despair

What were the problems? Trying to defeat the army of skeleton, Getting through the Dragon

What was the solution? Using Spinjitzu, Using the Scythe Of Quakes.

Was there a plot twist? Yes

My favourite part of the book was? The Ending

If I could change the ending it would end like this? “Mission accomplished ninjas!,” Sensei Wu Said. “Well Done for getting the Scythe of Quakes. We have three more weapons to find. Let’s go! Ohh and I forgot to say that Kai you are in the team now.

Would I read this book again? YES!!

Illustrate your favourite scene in the story. (Tux Paint) (SumoPaint )