Monday, 30 November 2015


This term the Year 7&8 extension class has been learning about Bio-Engineering. Here is a presentation to show what we learnt and know.

Friday, 27 November 2015

A Mixture Of Problems T4W3

Google Expedition

Image result for google cardboard Yesterday morning while the Year 8’s went to tech, the Year 7’s had the opportunity to have a Google Expedition. We used Google Cardboard to look at things in a 3D perspective. The google cardboard is like the Oculus Rift but when you move it doesn’t do any effect with the cardboard. Also with Oculus Rift you can play your games like never before with a 3D view as well.
Mr Clarke provided us with these cardboards and he showed us places all around the world. He first took us to the Borneo Rainforest with David Attenborough. Do you know who he is? Well if you don’t he is a famous scientist and narrator of many documentaries. The 2nd location was another rainforest where we had to find a Python which was camouflage into the leaves. We also had to find a dead Leaf Mantis, praying mantis which were camouflaged too and were exoskeleton.

My favourite location was when we were at a skyscraper. It felt like I was going to fall of the building. I could see heaps of tall hotels, pools and lots of people. It was also scary because there was a man looking straight at you on the side.

The google expedition experience was awesome. I liked the 3D perspectives and cool locations. Did you also know that the cardboard is worth lots of money? I look forward to see what the Oculus Rift effects feels like.

Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Writing Test: Ariana's 5th Birthday

On a rainy chilled Saturday afternoon I went to Kids Crafty Club in Pakuranga to celebrate my cousin's 5th Birthday (Ariana). I went with my mum and nana then met other family members at the party.

When we arrived I greeted the birthday girl first. “Happy Birthday Ari!” She replied with, “Thank You!” I then wondered off exploring the building and entered a deserted room where I spotted an iCade Machine. It had all the old classic games like Centipede, Donkey Kong, Pacman and many others. One of my favourite classic games has definitely got to be Pacman. In this game you have to eat all the small dots to pass the level and also avoid the four ghosts Inky, Pinky, Blinky and Clyde which kill you instantly. After a few challenging rounds it was now time to cut the cake.

When I had entered the gloomy dim hall my two eyes bulged out and glistened in the candlelights. I heard a jittery and uneven voice beside me, “Mmmm… delicious yummy cake!” It was my four year old cousin who absolutely loves cake. Ariana was so lucky as her mum had made her a cake symbolising her favourite My Little Pony character Rainbow Dash. My mouth was dripping with anticipation when Ariana cut the cake it had all the colours of the rainbow topped off with some sky blue icing. It looked scrumptious… and it was because when Ariana gave me a piece I gobbled it up and had a second and a third! After everyone had a piece it was game time.

First game was musical statues. Unfortunately for me I couldn’t join any of the games as I’m too old for them now so I sat back and watched. It was funny when Ariana got out as she was not happy and exited the room flicking her hair at her dad. The winner of that game was my little cousin Atunaisa who was supposed be out in the first round as he kept moving around. Second game was pass the parcel which was probably the funniest. One of my cousins David wanted the music to stop on him but it didn’t… and even though it didn’t he still opened the parcel. All the parents were cracking up… but he won in the end since he was patient the rest of the game. It was relaxing time now. I showed my cousins the iCade machine and they hogged it until they left. But luckily I spotted a PS3 with Fifa 15 which I played the rest of the day.

Celebrating my cousin's birthday was awesome especially the part where I munched some of the cake and got to hang out with the family as I don’t oftenly. I can’t wait for the upcoming birthdays but mainly mine which is on the 16th of December (the last day of school!).

Thursday, 29 October 2015

The Secret Underground

The animal I have designed is called a Kutflpillar a mixture of a Kutu, Flea and a caterpillar. This animal will feed on the dirt in the persons nails and the dandruff in the persons hair. They will need extra body parts for defence such as extra bones in their legs to help them jump higher and and will need better vision to watch out for any predators like wasps. In wet weather or when the clothing is in the wash the Kutflpillar would attach itself to the stitching of the clothing and transform into a cocoon. When the clothes are dried the animal would then return to normal.

Fr/Dec/% Year 7 - WALT: Use The 'Part Unknown' Strategy To Compare Amounts

Monday, 12 October 2015

Addition Thinkboard T4 W1

Here is an Addition thinkboard to show my understanding of what we have been learning in class.

Thursday, 24 September 2015

Adding And Subtracting Decimals

This week we are learning to add and subtract decimals. It was really tricky but I managed to finish it. Just 1 more day till the holidays. Hope you enjoy and please leave a comment.

Sunday, 20 September 2015

World Vision Scholarship Day

On the 16th Of September Jordan A, Eric, Lucy, Mrs. Lagitupu and I went to the World Vision Intermediate Scholarship Day. We were the top four fundraisers from Pt England School. This event was held on Cawley Street in Ellerslie from 8.45am - 2.30pm.

When we arrived at the event we had to do a people treasure hunt which was easy because there were heaps of schools. We walked around finding out who had two or more siblings, who had a birthday the same month as you and other things.  This was good as we got to interact with other students. After that we entered an auditorium where we were welcomed by the host Emma Davison.

She introduced herself by trying to be humorous. Emma was saying, "You know I was the little girl who acted Annie in the movie and I'm also a good singer because I'm on glee." with pictures with her face in the holes. After a laugh she talked about why we were here, to claim our award (merit) for our continued and enthusiastic support for the 40 hour famine!

After a quick break we then started a survival game of what life was like in Bangladesh. At the start it was unfair for the green and yellow teams because the border officials didn't want us in their country so we had to leave and get our fake passports checked. Unfortunately I didn't know the piece of paper I had was a passport cause after I unfolded it, it left creases. So then I had to take my shoes off and go to the border security. At the border this lady was questioning me about what I was going to do in the country. It was hard to answer cause she kept interrupting. But I finally convinced her that I was going to get a job so she ticked my passport and I was allowed to enter the country. I had so many disadvantages in getting a job to earn money to buy food/drink and health immunizations so I died in the first round . Jordan A, Eric, Lucy and I all died because we didn’t buy any food and drink, so then we were out for the next two rounds which was boring.

Overall the experience at the World Vision Scholarship Day was good to learn how other people are less fortunate than me and take a stand for those in need. I hope to come back next year!

Extension Equations

Extension: Exercise 1 – Finding x.
What to do:
1) Rewrite the equation in a way that will help you find the x that makes the equation true.
2) Clearly explain the strategy you use to solve this equation.
3) Give the value of x that makes the equation true.
e.g. Equation: 19 = x + 47
Rewrite: x =19 - 47
Strategy: 47 – 19 = 28; 19 – 47 =-28
Solution: x = -28

(1) -45 + x = 76
x= -45-76
76- -45=121; -45-76=-121
x= -121

(2) x +17 = -15
x= -15 - 17
17- -15=32 ; -15 - 17=-32
x= -32

(3) 93 = x + 121
121-93=28; 93-121=-28

(4) 72 + x = 199

(5) 63 = 46 - x
63-46=17 ; 46-63=-17

(6) x - 29 = -51
29- -51=80; -51-29=-80

(7) 39 = 72 + x
39-72=-33; 72-39=33

(8) x - 16 = -82
x= -82 - 16
16- -82=98; -82 - 16=-98

(9) 72 - x = -15
x=72- -15
-15-72=87; 72- -15=-87

(10) 22 = 44 + x
22-44=-22; 44-22=22

Exercise 2 – Writing word problems Select 10 of these equations and write a word problem that the equation could be used to solve.

The temperature in the morning was -45o fahrenheit. In the afternoon the temperature rose to 76o celsius. What is the difference between the two temperatures?

It is 17o celsius in New Zealand. In Australia it is -15o fahrenheit. What is the difference between the two temperatures?

At 3:00p.m in the desert the temperature was 93o celsius. At 7:00p.m it rose to 121o celsius. What is the difference between the two temperatures?

At 11:30a.m it was 72o celsius in Africa. The temperature rose to 199o celsius at 6:00p.m. How much hotter was it at 6:00 then 11:30?

In the morning it was 46o celsius. In the afternoon the temperature rose to 63o celsius.

It was 29o celsius at 4p.m. At 1a.m it was -51o fahrenheit. How much colder is it now?

It was 72o celsius in the morning. In the evening it was 39o celsius. How much did the temperature drop in the evening?

In Fiji it is 16o celsius. In Antarctica it is -82o fahrenheit. How much colder is it in Antarctica than fiji?

In Australia the temperature is 72 degrees Celsius. in Poland the temperature is -15 degrees Celsius. What is the difference between the 2 temperatures?

In Africa the temperature is 45 degrees Celsius. In New Zealand it is 22 degrees Celsius. What is the difference between the two temperatures?

Sunday, 6 September 2015

Decimal Addition Triangle 1&2 W6

In Miss Clark's numeracy class WALT - Use our problem solving skills and knowledge of addition to make the given number at the top of the triangle. Here is a copy of my work. Comment below if I have answers that are wrong.

Thursday, 3 September 2015

Algebra W7

In maths class we have been learning to solving algebra equations. Here is a copy of my presentation.

Extra For Experts W7 T3

In maths class we have been doing something new. It is called extra for experts which means extra work for the experts who have finished their presentation. In this extra for experts there are 9 word problems including multiplication, division, subtraction, addition and consecutive numbers.

Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Multiplication & Division W6

Hello, we are now back into multiplication and division equations this week! In this presentation I have worked out all the questions except for one that I got stuck on (Slide 13). Other than that it was easy. I hope you enjoy reading through the presentation and learn something new.

Tuesday, 25 August 2015

GEGNZ Summit

My friends and I at a garage band workshop.
Earlier last week the Year 7&8 extension group travelled to Hobsonville Point Primary School (HPPS) to present at the GEGNZ (Google education groups New Zealand) Summit. We were split into 2 groups one presenting about P.E.N.N (My group) , our school news network and the other about how we use google apps.

When we arrived we all received a swag bag which included a google pen, book, name tag and other things too. Unfortunately I lost mine so that was unlucky. Soon after that Collin spotted a van with lots of technological stuff such as remote controlled robots, 3D printers and more. Other schools started to arrive which included Orewa College, Rowandale Primary and Henderson Valley… ! When most schools were there we were welcomed by a mihi and waiata then Toby Carr talked to us.

If you don’t know who Toby is already well you are about to now. Toby Carr is a 16yr Old entrepreneur and CEO/Founder of his million dollar company DeXTech. He studies in Stanford University and has been in business for 2 years. Some things he said was take every opportunity that comes by and don’t put down people because then other people will do it back. Tom Edison and Sir James Dyson were the two people who inspired him. They inspired him as they failed more than a thousand times but never gave up and came up with a finished product. One thing that interested me was that he was a 15 Year Old paper runner now he has a million dollar company but still juggling the demands of being a teenager in school.

After this inspiring talk we split up into different workshops these included How to Use Garageband on an Ipad and how to make 360 photo spheres on an android device. My favourite workshop was creating a game on Scratch (Street fighter) with Orewa College. I enjoyed this session as I learnt how to code/create a game. Also the presenters were helpful and humerous.

GEGNZ was an awesome experience for me as I got to see other workshops about how to do things that I didn’t know how to do before. I hope the GEGNZ create another summit next year or while I’m in college so I can attend again and maybe be a young entrepreneur!

Sunday, 23 August 2015

Spend, Share, Save Inquiry W3-4

In Miss Tele'a's inquiry class we are listing things that we would spend our money on, who we would share it with and what we would save it for. Questions we were to consider was...

What is a spending goal?

Why is it important to set spending goals for yourself?
Where is a good place to store the money you are saving until your reach your goal?

Here is a copy of the presentation to show my understanding.

Ratio And Proportions 2 W5 T3

Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Kauri Island W4

In Mrs Tele'a's literacy class we are learning to make inferences. The text we are using is Kauri Island by Amy Head. Here is a copy of the presentation to show my understanding.

Wednesday, 5 August 2015

TTS'S (Thiha, Taimana And Stevenson's) Grocery List

To help us understand the difference between needs and wants we looked at shopping for our families. I worked with Thiha and Taimana to complete a grocery list. At first a budget was not stated* only these guidelines were given below. After completing the list we received a budget and had to think of which items were necessary and which weren’t.

Summary: We received a budget of $250 which meant we didn't need to remove any items from our shopping list and decided to save the $19 for the next shopping.

Screenshot 2015-08-05 at 14.32.01.png

Monday, 3 August 2015

Ratios, Fractions, Decimals And Percentages T3 W3

Extension Project: D.O.C Design

In extension we are learning about biodiversity. Mrs Lagitupu (Extension Teacher) has set us a task to come up with a project to protect endangered species. Here is a post that includes my Ideas & Planning, SketchUp Designs and Reflection.

Ideas & Planning:
Here is a list with some of my ideas:
  • Bird Feeder - durable, waterproof, how birds would know to go there?
  • Safe place away from their predators
  • Trap? …. pressure plates
  • Shelter
  • food - nutritious
  • Shape & Size of design
  • Innovativeness
  • Cost efficient

SketchUp Designs:
Bird Feeder Design One & Two:
I created this bird feeder to help protect endangered birds by providing a safe place for them to eat nutritious seeds. The type of wood I would use is Cedar as it lasts for years and can handle harsh weather conditions. However the downside to using this wood is the expensive cost.

From the first design I extended the roof to provide more shelter. I also shortened the platform and lowered the sides so that only small birds could enter the bird feeder.

These designs are durable, safe and waterproof.

Rat Trap Design One & Two:
This pest trap is helpful for the endangered species. It’s designed to lure pests and drown them. Negatives about this sketch is you have to check the trap daily so you can get rid of the pest you find. One interesting thing is it camouflages into the environment.

From the first design I have added a transparent lid to prevent birds eating the food and rain entering. It is also easy to check if there are pests as the lid is see-through and also lightweight. Replacing the rolling pin with a plastic strip was better as this would be more harder for the pest to reach the food and survive. I also added a ladder and a small hole so that only a rat could climb and enter the trap.

These designs are durable, safe and cost effective.

Reflection For Bird Feeder Designs:
Evaluate the effectiveness of your design:
I would rate my design 7/10 for effectiveness because I think it would work but I’m not sure as I haven’t actually made the model and used it.

Predict how your product will help to protect an endangered species:
I predict that my bird feeder will help to protect Stitchbirds by feeding them easily, daily and nutritionally.

Reflection For Rat Trap Designs:
Evaluate the effectiveness of your design:
I would rate my design 8/10 for effectiveness as it is durable, safe and cost efficient.

Predict how your product will help to protect an endangered species:
I predict that my rat trap will lure pests and drown them making the environment safer for endangered species.

Sunday, 2 August 2015

Word Problems T3 W2

A focus for this week is talking about your strategy and explaining and justifying it. Here is a copy of my work.

Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Decimals T3 W1

In Miss Clark's numeracy class WALT: Use our place value knowledge to work out problems with decimals. Here is a copy of my work.

Monday, 20 July 2015

Addition Triangle Or Triangle Addition

In Miss Clark's numeracy class WALT - Use our problem solving skills and knowledge of addition to make the given number at the top of the triangle. Here is a copy of my work. Comment below if I have answers that are wrong.

Sunday, 19 July 2015


Yesterday I went to the movies with my friend, Louis, to watch the new release ANT-MAN! At about midday Louis and I were at Sylvia Park buying our snacks from Pak ‘N’ Save. We brought a party bag of Doritos, Lift plus for me and coke for him, thins (biscuits) and chocolate to share. After that we made our way to the cinema. The whole point of going to the movies was for my uncles Karate Team fundraiser. They were raising money for their trip to Melbourne, Australia.

When we arrived at the theatres there were heaps of people waiting outside for a pack which included lollies, ice cream, popcorn and a drink for $5. But Louis and I just walked past as we already had our snacks. When we entered the theatre and couldn’t believe it… the whole cinema was already PACKED! Only seats up the front were left so Louis and I sat there. At about 3:30 the movie started.

After watching the movie I was so amazed with all the graphics, action and special effects involved. Ant-Man is all about a guy named Hank Pym who has been kicked out of his company from his co-worker Darren Cross. Hank then recruits Scott Lang who has just been released from prison to be the Ant-Man! Scott gets trained by Hank along with his daughter Hope. After Scott's training is perfect he then gets armed with a suit that shrinks his size but still allows him to have his human strength. With his suit he can also control an army of ants that can fry enemy technology (sabotage), transform into something that can get him out of difficult places and many other cool roles. Scott then has to stop Darren (A.K.A Yellow Jacket) from mastering the same technology and using it as a weapon for evil things!

My favourite part in the movie has to be the ending when Scott turns off his regulator and zaps himself and Yellow Jacket into a place where it is impossible to get out. But Scott gets lucky with a blue disc that he puts inside his regulator which makes him big again and get out of the molecules that trapped him. The other guy has no escape plan and dies recklessly.

Overall the movie was absolutely AWESOME!! I went around to my uncle’s house to find out how much money they raised and you won’t believe how much they made. Over $2,000 went to my uncles team!! Hint hint… what a great idea for fundraising if I need money for something!

Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Term 2 Reflection 2015

Term 2 has come to an end and I’ve had lots of highlights throughout.

One amazing highlight  was going to the DiscoTek. It was awesome as I could hang and dance the night away with my friends. I also looooved it as I was in the committee and in charge of collecting tickets and indoor security.

Another highlight for this term was going to Tiritiri Matangi Island where I learnt about different native, non native and endemic birds.

The coolest highlight of this year is being in Mrs Tele’a’s class.

3 Things that I’m looking forward to in Term 3 are:
  • school production
  • more sport events
  • meeting again with my friends

Watch this space!

Monday, 6 July 2015

3D D.O.C Design Presentation

This term the Year 7 & 8 Extension group were learning about biodiversity. We were set a task to design and create a product for D.O.C that would help protect an endangered specie. Here is a presentation to showcase my work.

Thursday, 2 July 2015

Inquiry Presentation

The year 7 and 8s were set a task to create something that would improve Pt England school.  After alot of talking and brainstorming Project TNT ( Iisa , Stevenson, Toma and Jordan A) came up with the idea of a ramp near the Wharefono. This is a presentation covering all the steps we went through from ideas to end result.

Up The Pipe

Here is a reading activity about how to make the world a greener place.

My Anzac Animation

My Movie2 from Team 4 Pes on Vimeo.

Sunday, 28 June 2015

Decimals 2: Week 10

WALT: multiply decimals and how to read out numbers with decimal.

Decimals: Week 10

In Miss Clarks numeracy class WALT: Round Fractions to the nearest decimal place. We are learning the importance of 0 as a place holder. Here is a presentation to show my understanding.

Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Word Problems: Week 8

In Miss Clarks numeracy class we have been learning about circumferences, volumes, surface areas and perimeters. Here is a presentation to show my understanding.

Saturday, 13 June 2015

Word Problems: Week 7

In Miss Clarks numeracy class we have been learning about volumes and surface areas. Here is a presentation to show my understanding.

Thinkboard Week 8: Area And Perimeter

Here is an Area and Perimeter thinkboard to show my understanding of what we have been learning in class.

Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Tiritiri Matangi Island: Reflection

Earlier this morning the Y7&8 extension students got the opportunity to travel to the beautiful island of Tiritiri Matangi managed by the D.O.C (Department of Conservation)! So at 9:00a.m on the dot we boarded the ferry which would take us to our destination. The reason why we were visiting Tiritiri was we were learning about biodiversity and how it’s important to our Earth.

Do you know what biodiversity means? Well if you don’t you’re about to know now. Biodiversity is short for 'biological diversity'. It is the variety of animals and plants found on this planet including the geographic locations they are found in.

Back to the story, when we finally arrived at Tiri we sat down facing towards a man who told us instructions and most importantly the rules on the island. After that we started our guided walk. During the walk I saw many different birds I hadn’t seen before. For example two Takahes which only have a few hundred left on this earth! Also a stitchbird and a piwakawaka (fantail) which is our logo for Pt. England School.

Five New Things I have learnt on this trip are:
  • The brown patch on the Saddleback indicates the anger of the Maori legend, Maui. He burnt the Saddlebacks back with his hot hands for not listening to his order.
  • Takahes green poop dries up into straw.
  • Bellbirds and Stitchbirds like sugar.
  • Bellbirds make sweet singing sounds.
  • In the beginning Tiritiri was 6% forested and 94% land. Now it is 90% forested and 10% land.

My experience at Tiritiri Matangi Island was amazing as I could see and learn about different birds I hadn’t seen before. I also got to ask questions to a Tiritiri Matangi volunteer/expert named John. One day… I want to be a member of D.O.C and help save endangered species!

Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Fuzzy Wuzzy Angels

WALT: Identify and discuss language featues - literary terms and their effects in a Anzac poetry from WW1 and WW2.

Monday, 1 June 2015

Triathlon Blurb

Fakalofa Lahi Atu,
My name is Stevenson and I’m a Year 7 student attending Pt. England School. This year 8 intermediate students were selected to train for the Iron Maori Tamariki - Rangatahi triathlon which is held annually down in Napier. I was one of the 8 chosen to compete in this amazing event. We have already started bike & swim training at the Glen Innes Y.M.C.A. I’m feeling nervous because it is going to be my first time competing in a triathlon… also stoked as I will be racing along with my friends!!

Sunday, 31 May 2015

WW1 Mascots

In Mrs Tele'a's literacy class we've been learning about WWI mascots. They were helpful during the war.  Not only did they cheer the soldiers up, some had special jobs to do for example homing pigeons delivered messages and dogs found wounded soldiers. Here is a presentation I have created about these heroes.