Thursday, 28 November 2013

What I Want To Do In Year 6...?


Camp Benzton (Kawau Island)
Good Role model
Play Sports
Stay in extension
and Penn Presenter


List Of Things That Are In Halloween
Lollies Scary Costumes Candles Candy Candy corn Cemetery Ceremonies Cobwebs Coffin Creepy
Zombie Dress Ups Witch Dark Scar Scare
Scared Scream Screech Scythe Shriek Skeleton Skull Soul Spider Spirit Spook Stuff Supplies Suspicious Swarm Vampire Basket Bats Black magic
Blood curdling Bloody Bones Boogie-man Broom

Halloween is celebrated on October 31st and people go out to trick or treat. It was first celebrated in the UK (United Kingdom). Most people like to go out at night and some people don’t even celebrate Halloween.

Like church people they don’t celebrate Halloween they just have lights and a disco. Do you know why? Well people who go to church don’t celebrate Halloween because they think its to praise the devil. But you never know it might be true or not!

There’s a,“Light Side and a Dark Side.” Lemuria is the day to celebrate for Christians. On that day the pagan Romans pour milk on the peoples graves or give them little cakes to call the dead.

Lemuria day was celebrated on the 13th of May. The Christians changed Lemuria day into All Saint’s Day. The Christianised Lemuria was such a success that church leaders made a decision to move All Saint’s day or All Hallows Day to November 1st to drain the life out of pagan Samhain (Selwyn). Because Samhain fell on the night of October 31st before All Hallows Day people used to call it All Hallows Evening. The evening before All Hallows Day. It shortened into All Hallows Even, then finally into Halloween.

Poem About St.Heliers Bay

Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Ambury Farm Presentation


Name of Ship
Name of Shipping Company
White Star
Length of Ship
294 metres
Date of Maiden Voyage
10th of April 1912
Captain’s Name
Edward J. Smith

2. Where was the Titanic sailing to on its maiden voyage? New york

3. Approximately how many people were on board the Titanic when it left Southampton? 1,500

4. Why do you think the Titanic hit the iceberg? Because the captain hadn't noticed until they got closer.

5. Why did so many people die? Because there weren’t enough lifeboats
6.What is the signal ‘SOS’ a call for? Save Our Souls
7. The Titanic is referred to as a ship and also a liner in the passage. Words similar in meaning are called synonyms. Can you find another word in the passage similar in meaning to ‘ship’? Vessel

8. Find words in the passage that mean:
A.Cut Sliced
B.Died Perished
C. First Maiden Voyage
D. Cold Freezing Cold, Icy
E.Crisis Emergency
F.Saved Rescued

Monday, 11 November 2013

Maths D.L.O

Vote For My Uncle Please!

Can you please vote for my uncle, Christian Erick, as he is the world champion for GKR Karate. I would really appreciate it if you vote for him. Just click on the links below and it will take you to a site. Then you scroll down where you'll see names, click on the dot beside Christian Erick, and click vote. So please vote for my uncle. Thank you!

Athletics Day 2013

 Friday the 8th of November, students from Pt. England school were dressed in their house colours for Athletics day.  People wore Te Aroha (Red), Mataatua (Green), Tainui (Blue) and Takitimu(Yellow). I dressed in the colour of Te Aroha.

“Yay!” I screamed over excitedly. The year 5 boy’s athletics day started off with the high jump. In this event you have to jump over a pole above the mat. If you fail to make it over, you have one more chance to successfully jump over. My first jump was pretty easy until it went higher and higher. “Wow!” I said nervously, there were 5 finalists which were Sean, Sohel, Collin, Jordan and me. I didn’t make my first leap but luckily made my second just by a bit. This placed me second overall in this field event.

The year 5 boy’s moved onto the 100 metre sprints. “Get ready, set! CLAP!” My principal, Mr Burt told the following racers. I sprinted all the way to the finish. “Phew!” I puffed, while sweat dripped down my face. Miss Flavel signaled the top two placegetters in their race. I was one of them so I walked up the side and watched the rest of the heats. Then the finalists lined up in a lane and got ready by crouching down and boosting off when the clapper went off. I came fourth in this track event.

After sprints was discus and I was the first one to attempt this event. My throw obviously got me into first place. I was in that spot until one of my friends, Cyrus bet my throw and I got bumped down to second. After about five throwers the next two boys only bet my throw so I got bumped off top man. I couldn’t have another throw so unfortunately I didn’t make it in the top 3.

Next was Javelin which I thought was going to be hard. The instructor told us how to throw the Javelin by holding the stick above your shoulder and flicking your wrist as you throw it. After knowing how to throw it we each had a turn. I nearly past the third best throw but I think I needed to throw it more harder. “Damn!” I realised my prediction about this event was wrong.

At about 11:00 or 12:00 it was morning tea time so we went to class to have our lunch. Rain started to pour down so the rest of the day there was no more Athletics.

Participating in athletics day was great because I advanced in 2 events, high jump and 100 metre sprints.  Im so proud of myself and can not wait for next years! Woo Hoo!

Thursday, 7 November 2013

I Heard A Whisper But No One Was There......

“What was that?” Matt told Jay. They heard a whisper but didn’t know who it was and nobody was there. Once upon a time there lived twins named Matt and Jay. They went off to a field trip at Orlando Farm. They had lost their group by following a whisper Matt heard when they were at a barn.

When they arrived at the building “I wonder why it wants to talk to us?” Jay asked. “Me too!” Matt agreed. They thought it was a ghost whispering. It said, “Hello, Hello, Hello!” The sound moved forward continuously. The twins followed.

They followed the sound and came past their group that they had lost and the twins dived down happily not to be seen by their group. But they had forgotten where the sound was going Jay was wriggling around, burping and farting. Matt couldn’t hear a single thing. “Stop!” Matt growled at Jay. Jay stopped as he obeyed Matt. Everything was silent they couldn’t hear anything.

They waited constantly and finally heard the whispering sound again they followed it. The twins had just noticed that the sound was from the ground. Matt and Jay wanted to have some commando fun so they crawled on the ground like they were hiding from their enemies. Got out their imaginary guns and pretended that they were shooting they bad guys. They did all these things while following the whispering sound.

After being commando’s the twins noticed that the sound had stopped because it was quiet they didn’t hear a single thing. They looked up and screamed, “Ahhhhh!” The twins jumped off the floor. Just before they were about to hit the ground one of their group members named Chris caught Matt with his arms and just by a tiny bit he caught Jay with his leg.

Chris placed them both down. Matt and Jay were surprised to see one of their group members save them from getting injured. “How did you find us?” Matt and Jay asked at the same time. “Well I didn’t actually, I was the one whispering this whole time!” Chris giggled. The three Chris, Matt and Jay all laughed. They went and found their group and everybody was fortunate.

The moral of the story is never follow a sound stay with you group.

Tuesday, 5 November 2013

My Tale

Once upon a time there were three little pigs who moved out of their mum and dads house. They waved goodbye, “ Bye Mom, bye dad! We will miss you!” With their eyes filled with tears they left to hop on the plane to Australia, they were waiting and waiting then eventually they got through and hopped on the aircraft.

“Woohoo!” the youngest pig screamed. While flying they saw a climber unconscious they didn't even feel sorry for him because they thought he was joking. The three pigs landed safely.

They hopped off and walked. “Wow!” The oldest pig said as he looked up at the tall, luxurious motel. “Lets get in there.” “But we can’t,” the youngest told his oldest brother. Thats when the oldest brother told them that he forgot to tell them that he had $1million in cash. They booked a motel room and had a great time playing Xbox and drinking fizzy drinks.

The phone rang and the older brother picked it up and suddenly started jumping up and down screaming, “Thank you!” He hanged up the phone and told his brothers, “We have won another $1million in cash!” When the two brothers heard that they fainted. The oldest brother looked at them and said “Stop joking around,” but they had actually fainted. Brother 3 (oldest one) was so scared he went in the kitchen and committed suicide. The two other brothers woke up and went in the kitchen and found their brother dead.



Friday, 1 November 2013

Ohh No! The Pilots Have Passed Out

Here s my edited version of my narrative story.

“I can’t wait to get to Queenstown! The three brothers Paul, Michael and Jacob screamed. They had just left New Zealand. Jacob, Paul and Michael all sat together. The three drank sprite, ate chips and had some lollies from the little kids who gave them out. Jacob had a secret that he had been waiting to tell his brothers

“We should be here by now!” Paul moaned as it had been a long flight. So all he did was play continuously on the screen in front of his seat. Paul yawned and asked Jacob and Michael, “Should we have a sleep?” “Yes we should aye,” Jacob and Michael replied. After agreeing the three fell into a deep sleep.

Boom! “What was that!” The three woke up abruptly thinking what was that. “It sounded like something blew up,” Jacob told Paul. “Of course something blew up! Why do you think we heard a big boom! Paul answered. Jacob shrugged his shoulders. They were thinking what was that.

Suddenly the plane went all wonky. So Paul hopped out of his seat while the other two stayed. Paul asked the staff why was that happening. The staff member wept, “Both of our pilots have passed out!” Straight away Paul ran back to his seat and grabbed Michael and Jacob by their shirts and dragged them to the staff member. The staff that Paul had been talking to let them through and Paul, Jacob and Michael flew the plane. They tried to! “We can’t do this! Its over,” Paul cried. “We can! Just believe,” Jacob answered.

Something peculiar was happening to Jacob. He was turning blue, his clothes started to transform, he started to transform into Superman. “Jacobs.....Superman! WOW!” Paul and Michael cried surprisingly. Jacob or should I say Superman went out the closest exit door and lifted up the plane and made it straight. He held it all the way to Queenstown airport and the people were surprised to see Superman in person.

All the people took photos. When the people in the plane came out on the tarmac they all cried, “Thank you Superman for saving us! You are a true hero!” They all thanked him for saving their lives!

The moral of the story is to believe anything can happen like Jacob did.