Thursday, 24 September 2015

Adding And Subtracting Decimals

This week we are learning to add and subtract decimals. It was really tricky but I managed to finish it. Just 1 more day till the holidays. Hope you enjoy and please leave a comment.

Sunday, 20 September 2015

World Vision Scholarship Day

On the 16th Of September Jordan A, Eric, Lucy, Mrs. Lagitupu and I went to the World Vision Intermediate Scholarship Day. We were the top four fundraisers from Pt England School. This event was held on Cawley Street in Ellerslie from 8.45am - 2.30pm.

When we arrived at the event we had to do a people treasure hunt which was easy because there were heaps of schools. We walked around finding out who had two or more siblings, who had a birthday the same month as you and other things.  This was good as we got to interact with other students. After that we entered an auditorium where we were welcomed by the host Emma Davison.

She introduced herself by trying to be humorous. Emma was saying, "You know I was the little girl who acted Annie in the movie and I'm also a good singer because I'm on glee." with pictures with her face in the holes. After a laugh she talked about why we were here, to claim our award (merit) for our continued and enthusiastic support for the 40 hour famine!

After a quick break we then started a survival game of what life was like in Bangladesh. At the start it was unfair for the green and yellow teams because the border officials didn't want us in their country so we had to leave and get our fake passports checked. Unfortunately I didn't know the piece of paper I had was a passport cause after I unfolded it, it left creases. So then I had to take my shoes off and go to the border security. At the border this lady was questioning me about what I was going to do in the country. It was hard to answer cause she kept interrupting. But I finally convinced her that I was going to get a job so she ticked my passport and I was allowed to enter the country. I had so many disadvantages in getting a job to earn money to buy food/drink and health immunizations so I died in the first round . Jordan A, Eric, Lucy and I all died because we didn’t buy any food and drink, so then we were out for the next two rounds which was boring.

Overall the experience at the World Vision Scholarship Day was good to learn how other people are less fortunate than me and take a stand for those in need. I hope to come back next year!

Extension Equations

Extension: Exercise 1 – Finding x.
What to do:
1) Rewrite the equation in a way that will help you find the x that makes the equation true.
2) Clearly explain the strategy you use to solve this equation.
3) Give the value of x that makes the equation true.
e.g. Equation: 19 = x + 47
Rewrite: x =19 - 47
Strategy: 47 – 19 = 28; 19 – 47 =-28
Solution: x = -28

(1) -45 + x = 76
x= -45-76
76- -45=121; -45-76=-121
x= -121

(2) x +17 = -15
x= -15 - 17
17- -15=32 ; -15 - 17=-32
x= -32

(3) 93 = x + 121
121-93=28; 93-121=-28

(4) 72 + x = 199

(5) 63 = 46 - x
63-46=17 ; 46-63=-17

(6) x - 29 = -51
29- -51=80; -51-29=-80

(7) 39 = 72 + x
39-72=-33; 72-39=33

(8) x - 16 = -82
x= -82 - 16
16- -82=98; -82 - 16=-98

(9) 72 - x = -15
x=72- -15
-15-72=87; 72- -15=-87

(10) 22 = 44 + x
22-44=-22; 44-22=22

Exercise 2 – Writing word problems Select 10 of these equations and write a word problem that the equation could be used to solve.

The temperature in the morning was -45o fahrenheit. In the afternoon the temperature rose to 76o celsius. What is the difference between the two temperatures?

It is 17o celsius in New Zealand. In Australia it is -15o fahrenheit. What is the difference between the two temperatures?

At 3:00p.m in the desert the temperature was 93o celsius. At 7:00p.m it rose to 121o celsius. What is the difference between the two temperatures?

At 11:30a.m it was 72o celsius in Africa. The temperature rose to 199o celsius at 6:00p.m. How much hotter was it at 6:00 then 11:30?

In the morning it was 46o celsius. In the afternoon the temperature rose to 63o celsius.

It was 29o celsius at 4p.m. At 1a.m it was -51o fahrenheit. How much colder is it now?

It was 72o celsius in the morning. In the evening it was 39o celsius. How much did the temperature drop in the evening?

In Fiji it is 16o celsius. In Antarctica it is -82o fahrenheit. How much colder is it in Antarctica than fiji?

In Australia the temperature is 72 degrees Celsius. in Poland the temperature is -15 degrees Celsius. What is the difference between the 2 temperatures?

In Africa the temperature is 45 degrees Celsius. In New Zealand it is 22 degrees Celsius. What is the difference between the two temperatures?

Sunday, 6 September 2015

Decimal Addition Triangle 1&2 W6

In Miss Clark's numeracy class WALT - Use our problem solving skills and knowledge of addition to make the given number at the top of the triangle. Here is a copy of my work. Comment below if I have answers that are wrong.

Thursday, 3 September 2015

Algebra W7

In maths class we have been learning to solving algebra equations. Here is a copy of my presentation.

Extra For Experts W7 T3

In maths class we have been doing something new. It is called extra for experts which means extra work for the experts who have finished their presentation. In this extra for experts there are 9 word problems including multiplication, division, subtraction, addition and consecutive numbers.