Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Promise By Bernard Beckett W3-4T1

In literacy WALT:
a. Predicting - I make, confirm and refine predictions before, during and after reading.
b. summarising - I draw conclusions, and make generalisations.

Friday, 19 February 2016

Visual Mihi 2016

This visual mihi represents 4 important aspects of my life. The first image is of the Niuean, Samoan, and Fijian flags. These flags represent my heritage and culture. The second image represents my passion for sports. I not only play them I also like watching them, especially the NZ Warriors. Xbox One is what I would love to own in the future because it’s got great games and graphics such as Black Ops 3 and Fifa 16. The most important aspect of my life is G.O.D. These symbols represent my daily prayers and love for him as he was crucified for our sins. The last image is of me the amazing creator of this visual mihi.

Word Problemos!

Sunday, 14 February 2016

Tele'a Group 1: Narrative Writing

Lost In The Forest
“Hey boys! Wanna go explore the forbidden forest to celebrate my Birthday?”, says Jacob. Ben replies, “What ifwe get lost?” “Don’t be silly! We won’t go that far!” Jacob responds. So Jacob, Ben and Anthony head towards the Gates Of Exploration.

We’re finally here. Since it’s your birthday Jacob which path should we take?” Says Anthony. “Let’s follow the left path.” As Jacob points his hand in that direction. While they walk the brothers sing happy birthday, tell jokes and push each other around. All is fun and merry until something dreadful happens.

They accidently slip down a long slope and are lost in a forest. Ben then yells at Jacob, “I told you we were gonna get lost! We’re never gonna find our way back home now!” Jacob felt like an idiot and was sad as well. “ROAR!” “What was that?” The boys say simultaneously. “ROAR!” Another one. “THUD! THUD! THUD!” “Uhhh… Guys look over there” Anthony says shivering. “AHHHHH! RUN!” They all scream. A grizzly bear has started chasing the boys.

After a long run deeper into the forest they have lost the bear. “Now we’re probably deeper and farther away from finding our way back home!” Jacob sadly sobs. Ben insists that they stay put so they’ll be easier to find. Jacob refuses to stay as he wants to get back home to eat his cake. Then he starts crying, then Ben and Anthony start crying as well.

Out of nowhere a leprechaun appears. “Psssst!” He whispers to the group of boys. “Who are you?” The boys asks. “I’m a leprechaun who grants wishes to people who are in trouble. Since it’s your birthday today Jacob what do you wish for?” Jacob doesn’t think twice about what he wants and answers, “I wish that my brothers and I will get back home so we can celebrate my birthday” The leprechaun replies, “Well a wish is a wish… follow the bright footpath and it will guide you out of the forest.” “Thank you!” the boys shout out.  

When they return home they are glad to see their family.  Jacob and his brothers make a pact never to return to the forbidden forest again.