Friday, 31 January 2014

Holiday Highlights Week 4

It was week 4 of the school holidays when I had my Waka Ama Nationals in Cambridge. My wakama club named Tamaki were staying at Liam Messams old rugby club called Hautapu. We drove to cambridge in my mum’s car, my friend and I played cards and we also had a nap. When we arrived at the rugby club we set our bed’s up and waited for the next day for our race. It was dawn when we woke up and I was pumped up to paddle. The first race was 500 metre intermediate men’s double haul (two 6 man wakas joined together) sprints.

My team Stone Cold was joined together with Ngati to Choice. We came 4th in the double haul sprints out of 6 teams. Because our time was fast and we had no time penalties we made it to the repercharge and came 5th out of 8 wakas but didn’t make it any further. We had another race which was just my team Stone Cold we came 6th out of eight wakas in the intermediate men's 500metre sprints. The next day was turns. We came last and were disqualified because we started on the wrong lane. For the last day we got to do whatever we wanted and got to sleep whenever we wanted too, it was cool. We basically played monopoly empire the entire night.

Holiday Highlights Week 3

The reason why we went to Niue was to celebrate Galiki Family Reunion, this was awesome meeting the family from all around the world, including Canada!


Hooray! I had arrived back in New Zealand, home sweet home! It was a Sunday and it was my friend Janice's birthday the next day, I was excited because my mum told me that we were going to Jump and Swimarama. I couldn’t wait. Janice and her mum Natasha picked me up, roughly at 9:30 am. We went to Jump in east tamaki first and we went straight on all these trampolines, it was awesome! They had a foam pit, basketball turf ball and a freetime area where you leap on many trampolines one after the other.

After having an awesome time at Jump we were on our way to swimarama. When we entered the pools I went straight on the diving board, I went on it for most of the day. We stayed at swimarama till late. I was getting too late so my friends mum decided to drop me off back home. I had a great time at my friend’s birthday party.

Holiday Highlights Week 2

On the second week of the school holidays I went to see some more Christmas lights with my cousin, mum and nana at motat and Franklin Road on Friday. There were all these houses that were covered in bright colourful lights. It was just beautiful driving through the street.


On Christmas day we had an amazing brunch with my uncle Jon, my mum, nana and grandpa. We had smoked salmon, roast lamb, pork, glazed ham, salad, prawns, gravy, raw fish and other delicious foods. this was actually our second celebration for christmas as we had an earlier one at my uncle Jon’s house a few weeks ago.    

The day after Christmas I went to Niue and I was excited because, I couldn’t wait to see my cousins! When we arrived in the boiling hot Island of Niue, it was dusk. My adventure had just begun. During my visit in Niue I slept over at my aunt's in Hakupu, swam at Avatele Beach (Avatele pronounced as Avasele) and also had a dip at the pool at Matavai Resort. We also celebrated a few birthdays including my cousin Elijah’s second birthday.


Holiday Highlights Week 1

Touch Finals!
On the first week of the holidays I had my last touch game at Lloyd Elsmore Park. If we won our match then we are the champions for our division (Division 2). To my team’s surprise we had won our touch game, hooray! For our prize we each got a touch trophy from the touch organizers and a medal from our team manager.
Wave Rave!
Later in the first week of the holidays, I went to a wave rave with my friends (Louis, Tai and Janice) at G.I Pools. We got to do heaps of fun activities like we had to find these orange balls and if we found one we got a prize. They also had an inflatable rocket which you had to run all the way across. Each time my friends and I completed the mission we got a ferrero rocher (Chocolate). Also there was a particular game that I liked the most and it was heads or tails. You had to walk around the pool and when the official says stop then you stop and he makes an invisible line and he picks weather you’re heads or tails.
Later that day we went and saw some Christmas lights at a house on West Tamaki Road. Check out these photos!

Saturday, 18 January 2014

Sunday, 12 January 2014

9 Year Old Kid Given Alcohol

Have you heard or seen a 9 year old kid given alcohol? Well I saw on the news and in the herald that a child was given alcohol for his 9th birthday. The boy was drinking a can of Cody’s in the corner, of a skate park. Luckily boys stopped him from drinking more. His sister said he was allowed and her aunt gave it to him. The boy said he smoked weed and drank 8 cans of Cody’s.

What do think about this nonsense? I think that it is stupid because most likely the child will have a high chance of dying or getting brain damage. Also adults especially parents should think more carefully or STOP, THINK AND DO before giving children alcohol! If I had the chance to drink alcohol I would reject it.

I think alcohol is very bad because it can kill you. So this is my opinion on alcohol and kids given alcohol. If you a child reading this DON’T YOU DARE DRINK ALCOHOL!

Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Batman: Emperor Of The Airwaves

These school holidays I've been reading a book named Emperor Of The Airwaves. Its about a villain called Air Penguin who tries to set up Batman, read my presentation to find out more!