Sunday, 28 September 2014

PES Spartans U50KGS Rugby Season (Coach: Mr Somerville)

On the second week of term 3 around 50 year 5 & 6 boys trialled for a spot in the school rugby team. Mr sommerville (coach) and Mrs V (sports co ordinator) had a hard time selecting a team.  Trials were complete and 14 boys were selected to play. The Spartans U50kgs rugby team was born.

On the 3rd of September the Spartan went to the Tamaki Zones Rugby Tournament. The Spartans versed 3 teams Tamaki, Ruapotaka and Sylvia Park Primary School. Tamaki was the first team they versed and boy did they give them a wake up call to show how tough they were. So then the Spartans played their hardest against the next teams. After winning all their pool games they faced Tamaki in the finals. It was tough for them, Spartans, but they gave it their all and came home victorious. Winning this tournament gave them a ticket to the Auckland Champs.

The Spartans met their match! Facing the 12 most fierce, competitive teams in Auckland. They played six games won three, loss 2 and drew 1. Overall the Spartans came fifth beating Pomaria Primary. Their season didn't end there.

They still had their Marist Primary Schools Tournament. There were four teams in this tournament and the Spartans were unbeatable winning the tournament 31  and 1 conceded. The most valuable player of the tournament went to the author of this story, Stevenson Erick! CHEEHOOOOOOOO!

Spartans played well this season winning 2 out of 3 tournaments. Thank you to our coach Mr Somerville for teaching us heaps of skills & tips. We hope you coach us again next year.

Thursday, 25 September 2014

Extension - Election Slogan

In extension we watched a video that explained what MMP is. It stands for mixed members proportional. Also Mrs Tele'a gave us a task to create a slogan/billboard, party name and an electorate area that you are going for. It should tell people to vote for them because they might have a catchy heading like building a brighter future, making low pay taxes and more. My heading was 5 STAR FUTURE!!!

Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Breadfruit - Explain Everything

Here is an app on an ipad called Explain Everything, which the year ones at our school use. The keas, my reading group, had to draw and explain something that related to the sentence. Here is what I came up with.

Explain Everything from Team 4 Pes on Vimeo.

Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Junior Disability Games 2015

In literacy Mr. Goodwin, class 6 teacher, gave us a task to create a poster that explains the 2015 Junior Disability Games. This is my attempt. Enjoy :D

Monday, 15 September 2014

Commonwealth Games Animation - Rugballing

Its the first week of Term 3 and we have been learning about the Commonwealth games. Our teachers gave us a task which was to create another sport or activity that has never existed. I was thinking hard about what my invention would be. I enjoy running and rugby so I thought to mix it up with netball to make it interesting. I hope this event will be challenging and fun to watch. People who compete in this sport need to have speed, agility, endurance, stamina and skill. Also the game is called RUGBALLING!!! Watch the following video below.

Stevenson CMG from Team 4 Pes on Vimeo.

Friday, 12 September 2014


You have to check out this new website, BUTTONBASS!! The best site you can to make beats on. I have made many beats but some of them were kind of a fail. Click the link below to start making your own. The best are dubstep, trap and reggaeton.

Kids Learn With Ipads

Kids Learn With Ipads
Year one students from Pt.England School get the chance to learn on Ipads.

Para 1:
Why do kids have Ipads, What's the cost?
Other schools don't have what the little kids have at Pt. England, year one students have their individual Ipad to learn with. The ipads are 7.9 inches and they cost $450 each. Kids learn with Ipads because they get the chance to learn on technology at such a little age. Juliana, (Learner With Ipad) says, “I like my Ipad because I can work and learn, create and share.”
Para 2:
What kind of apps do the kids use?
The only app they use is explain everything, so all of their work is created and sent to explain everything and they use nothing else except that. Mrs George (Year 1 Teacher) said that explain everything gives them the chance to either create their own activity or an already created activity. Holly, (Another Learner With Ipad), said that she has to put the exact same sentence from the book onto the page on explain everything. They are learning very well..

People think that the year one’s write with their finger, but actually they have styluses instead. Styluses are literally just pens but with no ink inside them.. The kids at Mrs Georges class didn’t know what they were for, they thought they were pens.

What's Next?

It won't be long till all the juniors will learn with an Ipad.

Vocabulary Task- Breadfruit Chips

Click here to enlarge!
In literacy we have been learning to use the text to understand new vocabulary in the story. Here is my attempt at the words cyclone, starchy, fertile, climate, wither and ceremonial. Comment down below to tell me if I got them right or if I was close. THANKS!

Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Advice Blog - Protecting Our Kaimoana

Here is an advice blog that I have created for literacy. ENJOY!

Protecting Our Kaimoana

Protecting our Kaimoana

Agree or Disagree

Read the journal - Protecting our Kaimoana
Complete this agree or disagree activity based on what the author thinks.
Would the author Agree or Disagree
Page number and paragraph
New Zealand's number of undersea creatures is decreasing.
“I saw that the undersea creatures were steadily disappearing”
Page 1
Paragraph 1
If people keep being greedy, then we could run out of Kaimoana in our oceans.
“But if people be greedy and take too much, or take the young ones before they grow big enough to reproduce themselves, then the fridge will get cleaned out.”
Page 1
Paragraph 2
There are no rules about the size or number you can take when collecting Kaimoana.
“M.A.F has set rules about the size and number of all the different kinds of kaimona you can take.”
Page 2
Paragraph 1
You need a permit to collect more than what you need for yourself.
Anyone can come to me and get permit for that, but before they take the seafood, they have to get that permit signed by a kaumatua of the area
Page 2
Paragraph 2
M.A.F. cannot search your catch.
“The warrant I carry from M.A.F gives me the power to stop people if I think they are carrying kaimona, and check it.”
Page 2
Paragraph 2
You can sell what you catch as long as you don’t charge too much.
“But there are always a few people who will try to cheat, and there are people who are selling what they catch. That’s illegal unless you have a special license.”
Page 2
Paragraph 4
You are not allowed to catch Paua on Scuba gear.
“Some divers use scuba gear to take paua. That’s strictly illegal, because its very easy to clean out a whole area like that.”
Page 2
Paragraph 5
What do you think?
Complete this Agree or Disagree activity based on what you think!

Do you agree or Disagree
Explain why you agree or disagree
There is no need for Fisheries officers, people should be able to get how ever much Kaimona they need.
Because if people take as much as they want the fridge will become empty.
No one should be allowed to catch their own Kaimona. People should only be able to get them from the shops.
I disagree because people should be able to get their own Kaimona because if other people get the Kaimona the seafood could get contaminated. But on the other hand men should get them from the shops so people don’t take more than they should from the sea.

Vocabulary Task- The President

Here is a vocabulary task that was given by Mr Goodwin to complete during literacy time.

Tuesday, 9 September 2014

I'm Innocent

CHAPTER 1: Hunted Fugitive

“No, No, No!” I whispered as I saw the bright blue and red flashing lights. It was them, the cops, they are after me for murdering my own friend John. My friend, seriously police? WHAT THE FREAK ARE YOU THINKING? Do you not see my tears, I am not scared of you. I am crying for him , my dead boy John Smooth.

My name is Shaun Wade, 16 years of age and I’m a hunted fugitive. The cops, yes the cops who are looking for a 16 year old teen, are chasing me like crazing for killing my friend. It wasn’t me, I know it wasn’t, I’m not that kind of person. Why do they think wrong? I mean he’s my best friend, I have known him since kindergarten, we always used to play and hang out together at his house.

The last thing I remember was that a girl named Emily used to go out with him but turned to me. He was furious at the time when one night we had a fierce argument and it didn’t end well.

When we finished arguing he ran out into the darkness, just as he disappeared I caught a glimpse of two big black shadows, following him. I ran towards them to see if they were other friends of his. When they stopped I knew they weren’t.  One had a knife, the other carried a baseball bat. They both walked up simultaneously  but knife man struck first. “No!” I shouted. I grabbed out my cellphone and dialed 111. Both men dropped their weapons and ran off like scared rats. Running towards John I saw a flashing light which blinded me, then I fainted.

Then the next day my life and everything went WRONG!


Thursday, 4 September 2014

Storyline Tour - Reflection

We have come back from the storyline festival and it was not what I expected. My favourite two authors were Juliet Mclver and Catherine Mayo. Juliet because she was very enthusiastic about her stories and she told us how she came up with the names of her books.  For example her book Mamaduke Duck was becasue she liked the name Duke and she also liked Duck and the mama part I can't remember. I liked Catherine Mayo too because she used the projector which was cool as we didn't have to look at the same photo all the time. She showed us some photos of some greek swords then pulled out a real one. So thats why I like the two authors.

If I was to present at that festival, the resources I would use to deliver my message will be a microphone, so people can hear me from the back.  I would also use a projector so everyone can see the pictures, not just the people in the front, because if you show pictures on a piece of paper then people at the back might not be able to see them.

Other things I would've wanted to find out is what makes a good author, why is there two different people in the same book like the illustrator and the author why can't the author be the illustrator and how long does it take for them to write a book?

I would like to thank the authors who presented to us for giving up their time to tell us important things in life, like to keep reading now at this age so we can be good authors when we grow up. Most importantly, treat other people the way you would like to be treated.

Monday, 1 September 2014


“Yes! It is west wave pool day!” I shouted with excitement. Straight away I jumped out of bed and woke my mum up. “Mum! Wave pools today, wave pools today!” She woke up startled, shouting at me, “The waves pools aren't till 9pm not 9am." “What?” I replied confused. I thought they were from 6-12. “Go have a rest because we will be picking up Maata, Zane and Collin to go get a feed at 7.” “Ok.” I said sadly then went back to sleep.

“Yawn!” I get up and walk to the kitchen and GUESS WHAT TIME IT IS?” It is already 6:30pm and I'm still in my pj’s! I haven’t even organized what i’m going to swim in yet. I quickly sprint to my room. I put my swim gear underneath my casual clothes, wash my face put on moisturizer and put on my special wacky hair gel like the worlds going to end. In an instant I thought it was 7 but actually it is only 6:40pm. “Lets go, we are going to be late!” I yell to my mum from the hallway and she runs out like theres a bomb in her room. We sprinted outside to her car and zoomed off. “Vrmmmm!”

First stop was Collin’s house and he was watching tv with his sister with his bag packed. I told him lets go,  so he did. He said bye to his family and entered our car then we drove off to Zane’s house. “BEEP!” My mum’s horn went. I opened the door to Zane’s house and there they were just about to exit. We were both surprised. I walked back to the car with Zane while his mum Maata went around to the passenger door/seat. When Zane came in the car he got a big surprise. "RAAHH!" It was Collin. Zane turned around and shouted, "AHHH!" Like he was going to die. After having a laugh I saw the time 7:20 so I knew we would make it there in time. To make a long story short we (The Boys and Mums) had a big feed at Burger King or what we like to call BK and drove off to Mt. Albert wave pools.

“Splish, Splash, BOOM!” “WOOHOO!” I screamed with joy. Zane, Collin and I are speeding like a car going 100 km per hour on the hydroslide. Twisting and turning in every direction we finally reach the end. “Lets do it again!” We all cried simultaneously. So we did, “Round 2!”. This time we went on our stomachs and it felt like we were going 1000 km per hour now. “That was WAY WAY BETTER!” I shouted while choking on water. “BRRRRR!” “Ahhh!” I screamed like a girl. When suddenly, I got startled by a whistle. The noise was to signal that the waves were coming. While the boys and I laughed, we screamed, “WAVES ARE COMING!” Collin and Zane left me in the dust as they ran to the wave pool. “Wait for me!” I yelled as I chased them down. “Woow, woow!” I said as the waves swirled up and down continuously. “Jump onto the wall like this.” Zane showed me. “I will give it a try.” “Jump! Jump! Jump!” It was easy I kept jumping and jumping it was so awesome. At approximately 11:50pm we had to get changed so we were ready to leave at 12 A.K.A midnight. When we came out of the changing rooms it was 11:57 and most people were out of the pool. The boys and I walked outside and unsurprisingly saw my mum and Maata waiting in the car.  We were on our way home when an idea popped into my head....sleepover!