Monday, 30 March 2015

Hokule'a And Hikianalia Sailing To Our Shores

It was a scorching hot day and there was a special event held at Pt England Beach! You probably didn’t know but the famous Hokule’a and Hikianalia canoes, (Va’a), travelled to our shores last Wednesday. Luckily for me I had a special role which was to record everything that was going on.

The other Manaiakalani schools also came to the beach and supported us with our songs, ‘He Honore’, ‘Nga Waka’ and our chant ‘E Oho’. As the Hikianalia Va’a sailed in everyone was chanting our chant. After that we sang ‘He Honore’ followed by ‘Nga Waka’ these songs put smiles on the crew members faces. Our school leaders did a speech. Then one of the crew members said a speech as well.

Not long after all students got to shake hands, hug or either hongi with the Hikianalia & Hokule’a crew members. This went on for a while so Jordan S, Ana, Sela, Mary and I all shook the students hands from the other schools.
Later that day we also had a hangi* that was scrumptious. Students that were school leaders were only supposed to get some, fortunately for me I stayed and ate. The hangi was wrapped in foil and was burning hot... inside was kumara, pumpkin, potato, chicken drumsticks with chicken stuffing.

This overall experience was significant, because wakas or other famous thing don’t normally come to any random shore or island like what the Hokule’a and Hikianalia did last Wednesday.

*Hangi is food that is cooked in the ground.

Saturday, 28 March 2015

Maths DLO

Here is a presentation I have created to show my understanding from a mathematical equation in my previous slide show.
Hope you learn something!

Problem Solving

In Octagons WALT (We are learning to) identify the mathematical equation in the word problem and use the appropriate strategy to solve problems. Here is a presentation to show my understanding.

Friday, 27 March 2015

Compare & Contrast

Earlier this term, the Pihanga literacy group were set on a task to see the similarities and differences between two books that we had recently read. The first book was based on how people explored the world through voyage on a canoe, with a person as navigator. The second book was based on a boy who sets out on a journey with the transport on ships that have easier navigation. In between the circles represent the  similar activities to the two books. On the blue and red circles, it represents the differences.

Monday, 23 March 2015

Polyfest 2015

Pt. England School has made history for the first time ever. Your probably heard of Polyfest, right? Well if you haven’t Polyfest is a Polynesian festival that has 20 different cultures that perform on 6 stages. This is an annual event held at Manukau Sports Velodrome.
As the year 7s and 8s piled up on four buses and travelled towards the Polyfest. Each class had a bus each except for Mrs. Moala's class so her class split up. It was the 40th anniversary for Polyfest and we got to do lots of different and awesome activities.
The first stall we visited was Glo Bug. They are an electrical company which supplies pre-paid electricity to homes. The stall assistant told us students to only shower for 4 minutes to save power. She gave us a 4 minute hourglass to use every time we have a shower.
Next my group went to the ASB tennis area where we tried to hit tennis balls as fast as we could. I got to have three turns and my fastest speed was 102km/ph.
After the tennis experience my group went to the AUT, (Auckland University Of Technology), marque. Here we watched videos of gaming engineers and 3D designers. The AUT staff member gave us an example of what a 3D printer can create. My favourite design was the AUT emblem that was shaped like a globe. From this stall I received an AUT bottle, bag and selfie with the crew.
Polyfest was an awesome experience but what would’ve made it better was if we got to watch the pacific stages perform and taste some of the delicious food there. Thank you Mrs. Tele’a for organising this trip for the intermediate block... I look forward to returning back to this event next year!

Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Video Conference With Hawaii

This morning the Year 7&8 extension class had a video conference with two schools named Keau and Nanakuli Elementary School in Hawaii. Our extension class showed them our presentation about our native animals and showing them how we roll here at Pt. England. Brynn (a teacher in Hawaii) showed us her classes (Keau) presentation. Kai another Hawaiian teacher said that the teachers at his school (Nanakuli) teach their students all ciriculum subjects in Hawaiian Language.

In Hawaii there native animals are Nenes, Monks, Seals, Apapanes, Honus, I’iwis, Amakihis, Happy Face Spiders and many more. You see that photo on the right? Well that is the fire goddess which they name Pele. According to what Brynn was saying... Pele (Lava) has claimed lots of homes which has forced families to relocate in different houses.

Malama Honua will be sailing a shore at our Pt. England grounds. The Manaiakalani schools (2,500 students) will meet this crew and sing a waiata (He Honore and Nga Waka) and a chant (E Oho).

Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Khan Academy

In my numeracy group (Octagons) we have been using a website named Khan Academy. Khan Academy is used to improve and test your knowledge to the LIMIT from different subjects such as maths, science, economics and finance, arts and humanities, computing, test prep and partner content.  Octagons and I will be working to enhance our maths knowledge. Khan Academy is a good site especially if you want your child or yourself to improve understanding in any of the areas mentioned above.

Sunday, 1 March 2015

Holiday Highlights & Lowlight

HOLIDAY HIGHLIGHT 1: Trans Tasman Trip

One of my favourite holiday highlights has got to be my Trans Tasman trip to Australia! We did lots of spectacular activities that I can list but here are a few. The kiwi day out where an Australian athlete (Robbie) took me out to extreme jump where we jumped on a cluster of trampolines that were even on the walls. He also took me for a swim at the olympic pool where the 2000 Sydney olympics was held. Another fantastic activity was travelling to Mac Arthurs shopping centre where I played arcade games and bowling with my friends. And eating delicious food such as Australian oporto burgers. However the most breath-taking experience was at Jamberoo Adventure Park where I dive-bombed off rocks like an albatross, sliding down the twisty and turny pitch black tunnel and getting engulfed by the forceful waves.

HOLIDAY HIGHLIGHT 2: Celebrating Christmas

My second holiday highlight was celebrating Christmas with my family. This event took place at my aunt's house. We had scrumptious food which included a lamb spit, prawns, kebabs and heaps more. Each household performed items. The best performance was obviously my group as the crowd was cheering loudest for us. Awesome presents & games were included and the one that stood out for me was the water games.

HOLIDAY HIGHLIGHT 3:  Tag 20 Pacific Cup Challenge

It was a scorching hot day when 7 pacific nations including Niue, competed in the Tag 20 Pacific Cup challenge. This event was held at Bay Roskill Club earlier this year. I was there representing my homeland Niue (The Rock Of Polynesia!). We started with marching, following prayers and speeches from each country. After this the fun began. We roughly played 7 games and placed 4th overall in the under 12s section.


Fortunately I only had one holiday lowlight which was going to the Chinese Lantern Festival as there were way too much people, very limited food and really, really, really BAD ROCK MUSIC! It was definitely not what I expected.