Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Amazing Discovery

This afternoon while my mum and I were cooking steak and eggs, I was cutting the onions, when I discovered something amazing. Not only does my glasses make my eyesight better, it also protects my eyes from crying when I chop onions. I tried it again many times and still couldn't believe it.

Ohh No! The Pilots Have Passed Out

Here is the first draft of my story. It is an unedited version.

“I can’t wait to get to Queenstown! Jacob told Paul and Michael. They had just left New Zealand. Jacob Paul and Michael all sat together. The three drank sprite, ate chips and had some lollies from the little kids who gave out them.

“We should be here by now!” Paul moaned as it had been a long flight. So all he did was play and play and play on the screen in front of his seat. Paul yawned and asked Jacob and Michael, “Should we have a sleep?” “Yes we should aye,” Jacob and Michael replied. After agreeing the three fell asleep.

Boom! “What was that!” The three woke up abruptly. “It sounded like something blew up,” Jacob told. “Of course something blew up! Why do you think we heard a big boom! Paul answered. Jacob shrugged his shoulders. Paul, Jacob and Michael were thinking what was that.

Then suddenly the plane went all wonky. So Paul hopped out of his seat while the other two stayed. Paul asked the staff why was that happening. The staff member wept, “Both of our pilots have passed out!” Straight away Paul ran back to his seat and grabbed Michael and Jacob by their shirts and dragged them to the staff member. The staff member let them through and Paul, Jacob and Michael flew the plane straight. They tried but couldn't. “We can’t do this! Its over,” Paul cried. “We can! Just believe,” Jacob answered.

Something inpetucular was happening to Jacob. He was turning blue, his clothes started to transform, he was becoming to look like Superman. “Jacobs.....Superman! WOW!” Paul and Michael cried surprisingly. Jacob or should I say Superman went out the door to go through the terminal or tarmac and lift up the plane and made it straight. He held it all the way to Queenstown airport and the people were surprised to see Superman in person.

All the people took photos. When the people in the plane came out on the tarmac they all cried, “Thank you Superman for saving us! You are a true hero!” They all thanked him for saving their lives!

The moral of the story is to believe anything can happen like Jacob did.

Monday, 28 October 2013

My Two Friends And I

Yesterday afternoon my two friends, Collin and Promise, came over to my house to hang out. The three of us were just chilling out the backyard after a hard game of touch. As you can see in the photo I drank a delicious ice-block while Collin and Promise sipped a fizzy drink.

Saturday, 26 October 2013

Cooking A Pig

One Friday afternoon my uncle Jon went to Pukekohe farm to purchase a pig. He brang it next door to my uncle Christian’s house. They put the pig in some boiling hot water. Then shaved all its hair off. After they shaved the hair off the pig they took the guts, heart and liver out of the body. Then they rinsed the pig one more time before hanging it upside down to dry. The next morning the pig was taken to a bakery to be cooked. Normally we cook it in an umu but my uncle suggested it is less hassle taking it to professional pork chefs.

Here are some photos of the pig raw and cooked!

Ariana's Birthday

“Yay,” Promise and I screamed excitedly when we arrived at my cousins 3rd birthday party. The theme for the party was pirates and fairies. Obviously we dressed up as Captains from Gold Island.

Promise and I  played with the balloons until everyone had arrived. When all the guests were here we started to play games. Such as pass the parcel, on the ship off the ship and musical statues.

The first game we played was pass the parcel. In the game you have to pass the parcel when the music is on. When it stops then you unwrap one piece of paper. Promise and I got a lollipop. The winner of the game (person who unwrapped the last paper) got a new coloring pack.

My favorite game was off the ship on the ship. Its a game where players start on one side of a line, then the MC says “off the ship or on the ship” then players jump on the other side of the line. This was my favorite game because I won.

After the games we ate some scrumptious food. I had jelly, chicken chips, pork and all sorts of other delicious food.
Going to Ariana’s birthday was so awesome. I loved it because of all the delicious food and fun games. Happy birthday Ari! I can’t wait for next years party.

This is a story that I created with my friend Promise.

Friday, 25 October 2013

The Man Who Was Saved By Birds

Here is my edited version for my narrative.

“Ohhh Man!” Jack said. Once there lived an old man named Jack who owned a farm. He was starting to die because he was getting so frail.  So he went for a long journey to Colour Land and went to go plant his last plant in his lifetime. He walked for 16 hours just to get somewhere to plant his last plant. “Wow!” Jack cried as he looked at the beautiful scenery. When he looked down the cliff he saw heaps of awesome flowers different colours.

After looking at the view Jack was looking for a place to plant his plant. Jack decided to chose to plant it at the end of the cliff. He finally planted and slipped of the cliff. “WhoaHhhh!” Jack screamed as he flew down faster than ever to the ground. Jack knew it was over. “So this is the way it ends,” Jack wept.

Birds saw him and flew down to him as fast as they could to save him. He was just about to hit the ground when the birds caught him and flew him back up the cliff. He safely landed at the top of the cliff. The birds chirped to try wake him up but couldn’t. Unfortunately he was dead. The birds cried as they thought that they killed him but they didn’t. Poor man but he was old and had to die. DUN DUN DUN!

Thursday, 24 October 2013

Rugby Game - Pt. England Under 40 Kgs Verses Swanson

Last term (Term 3) I went to play a rugby game against Swanson school. While we were driving there I was feeling scared because I didn't have any headgear and I thought that if I got bumped off I would get injured.

When we arrived I wasn't feeling scared any more. Do you know why? I didn't feel afraid because Swanson school had small players and looked like an easy team to beat.

Before the game started our captain, Taimana, and Swanson's captain went to the referee to decide which team kicks off or receives the ball. Tai won the decision and decided to kick off.

When the referee blew the whistle the game began. As the ball launched into the air Swanson caught it and ran up the ball to make metres. Unfortunately they had been stopped by our defence line. While the boy was down the dummy half swung out the ball to one of their players and he ran it up.

He came running towards me, then I striped the ball out of his hands and ran to our try line. I was sprinting like I was the fastest man in the world. I got a run away, I felt awesome because nobody could catch me. “ Good try!,” my team mates told me.

We kept getting try after try then the final whistle blew, it was full time. The ref said, “35-5 to Pt. England!, Well done!” We shook hands with the other team and humbly walked out their school grounds with a victory.

What a great day I thought to myself. Playing rugby was awesome and I couldn't wait to play again!

The Man Who Was Safed By Birds

Here is the first draft of my story. It is an unedited version.

Once upon time there once lived an old man named Jack who owned a farm. He was starting to die because he was getting frail.  So he went for a long journey to nowhere land and went to go plant his last plant. He walked and walked and walked and walked until he arrived. “Wow!” Jack cried as he looked at the beautiful scenery.

Jack was looking for a place to plant his plant so he decided to chose to plant it at the end of the cliff. He finally planted. “Ahhh!” Jack screamed as he fell off the cliff. Jack knew it was over. “So this is the way it ends,” Jack wept.

Birds saw him and flew down to him. He was just about to hit the ground when the birds caught him and flew him back up the cliff. When he safely landed at the top of the cliff he was dead.

To Be Continued!

Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Making Pizza

Making Pizza By Stevenson And Louis from Team 4 Pes on Vimeo.

On the first week of school the year 5 and 6 extension students made pizzas. We all answered the same questions on our extension site. After that you had to find a partner and my partner was Louis.

The whole point of making pizzas was to celebrate Labour Day. Labour day is celebrated for a 8 hour working day so they have a day off work. We put ten pineapples on our pizza to signal the month october. Also lots and lots of cheese because heaps of people worked.

We planned what we were going to put on our pizza. Louis and I created a google drawing for what we were going to put on our pizza. We both had grated  cheese, green capsicum, pineapple, ham and tomato paste. When we finished we put our pizza in the oven and waited for it to cook.

While waiting we wrote a blog and after we finished we went to our pizza because it was ready. I cut it into eight pieces then Louis went and gave some slices to teachers like Mrs Bark, Mrs Sorenson and Mr Burt. The rest we ate ourselves. Louis and I agreed that this pizza was scrumptious, yummy yum yum.

Friday, 18 October 2013

Niue Language Week Part 2 Numbers And Greetings In Niuean

The following movie is presented by Stevenson and Shoal  Learn how to say and read numbers in Niuean. You can also 
learn how to say "hello", "how are you?" and "goodbye" in Niuean.

Playing Games With My Uncle And Cousin On The Last Day Of The Holiday

One windy afternoon I went over to my uncle’s house next door at 12:00 and played Halo 4. Its a shooting game where there are two teams, red and blue, and you have to try find and kill them. We played until 2:00 and then we drove to JB-HIFI, in Sylvia park, to go buy Black Ops 2.

When we arrived at Sylvia Park my cousin and I played the games on the Ipads while my uncle went and looked for Black Ops 2 to play at his house. He brought the game and told to us, “Let’s go now I've got the game.” we drove back to the house.

We got to his house and straight away played Black Ops. Black Ops is the same as Halo except when you do matchmaking (Playing with other people online) it is faster than ever you can’t even have a break to have lunch and a snack. Also Black Ops have more guns than Halo and Black Ops is just better.

My uncle, cousin and I played until 5:00 then went to Manukau to drop off my uncle’s karate fee’s. Then we drove back to my uncle’s house and I went back home next door had dinner and had a deep sleep until I woke up for school.

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Niue Language Week At Pt.England School

If you attend a Niue Language Week event, you can expect to experience cultural and language activities, Niuean cuisine, music, traditional stories and more. Click here for more information.

Queenstown Trip

Here is my presentation of what I did in Queenstown! Hope you enjoy!

Visit To Arrowtown

Check this short sharp movie I created of my visit to Arrowtown. Hope you enjoy!
My Movie Of Arrowtown from Team 4 Pes on Vimeo.

Trip To Wanaka

Here is a movie that I have created about my vacation to Wanaka. I holidayed here on the second week of the October school holidays 2013. Hope you enjoy!
My Movie Wanaka from Team 4 Pes on Vimeo.

Riverside Camp 2013

Here is my report about Riverside Camp. In my report it tells facts about what happened at camp.
When was Riverside Camp?
Riverside Camp started at the beginning of the September school holidays. It ran from September 30th to October 4th.
Where was Riverside Camp?
Riverside camp was located at Willow Park, Eastern Beach, Auckland.
My favourite thing to do was?
My favourite thing to do was playing on the Willow Park toys and activities such as:
·        Green Machines
·        Quad Bikes
·        Scooters and bikes
·        Minigolf and tennis
My favourite foods?
My favourite foods were the lamb stew, the American hotdogs and Nacho’s
What did we do?
-Played games
-Make up a team chant
-Make up a team name
-Create a dance to perform at the camp concert
What did we eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner?
For Breakfast:
-Ricies (What I ate the whole week)
For lunch we had:
-American hotdogs (1 of my favourite foods)
-Nacho’s (another one of my favourite foods)
-Cottage pie
For dinner
-Lamb stew (delicious)
-Macaroni & cheese
-Chicken roast
Who did I go with to Riverside Camp?
I went to Riverside camp with the Year 4 to Year 8 Pt. England students who attend Riverside (after school programme). Also some college kids came to be our leaders and Mr Burt (School Principal) his daughter (Miss Hamilton) and Miss Va’afusuaga.
Riverside camp was awesome. I loved the food, activities, chapel, disco, concert, night games and most of all the camp leaders. I can’t wait for next year’s Riverside camp! Woo Hoo!

Little Red Riding Hood And The Three Wither Heads

Here is a movie about little red riding hood who takes some goodies to her Nan. She comes past an ocelot,(jaguar) and the ocelot asked her where she was going. Little Red said she was on her way to her Nana's house. I don't want to spoil any more of the story so you will have to watch the movie to find out what happens! Hope you enjoy!
LRRH from Team 4 Pes on Vimeo.