Thursday, 24 October 2013

Rugby Game - Pt. England Under 40 Kgs Verses Swanson

Last term (Term 3) I went to play a rugby game against Swanson school. While we were driving there I was feeling scared because I didn't have any headgear and I thought that if I got bumped off I would get injured.

When we arrived I wasn't feeling scared any more. Do you know why? I didn't feel afraid because Swanson school had small players and looked like an easy team to beat.

Before the game started our captain, Taimana, and Swanson's captain went to the referee to decide which team kicks off or receives the ball. Tai won the decision and decided to kick off.

When the referee blew the whistle the game began. As the ball launched into the air Swanson caught it and ran up the ball to make metres. Unfortunately they had been stopped by our defence line. While the boy was down the dummy half swung out the ball to one of their players and he ran it up.

He came running towards me, then I striped the ball out of his hands and ran to our try line. I was sprinting like I was the fastest man in the world. I got a run away, I felt awesome because nobody could catch me. “ Good try!,” my team mates told me.

We kept getting try after try then the final whistle blew, it was full time. The ref said, “35-5 to Pt. England!, Well done!” We shook hands with the other team and humbly walked out their school grounds with a victory.

What a great day I thought to myself. Playing rugby was awesome and I couldn't wait to play again!

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