Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Riverside Camp 2013

Here is my report about Riverside Camp. In my report it tells facts about what happened at camp.
When was Riverside Camp?
Riverside Camp started at the beginning of the September school holidays. It ran from September 30th to October 4th.
Where was Riverside Camp?
Riverside camp was located at Willow Park, Eastern Beach, Auckland.
My favourite thing to do was?
My favourite thing to do was playing on the Willow Park toys and activities such as:
·        Green Machines
·        Quad Bikes
·        Scooters and bikes
·        Minigolf and tennis
My favourite foods?
My favourite foods were the lamb stew, the American hotdogs and Nacho’s
What did we do?
-Played games
-Make up a team chant
-Make up a team name
-Create a dance to perform at the camp concert
What did we eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner?
For Breakfast:
-Ricies (What I ate the whole week)
For lunch we had:
-American hotdogs (1 of my favourite foods)
-Nacho’s (another one of my favourite foods)
-Cottage pie
For dinner
-Lamb stew (delicious)
-Macaroni & cheese
-Chicken roast
Who did I go with to Riverside Camp?
I went to Riverside camp with the Year 4 to Year 8 Pt. England students who attend Riverside (after school programme). Also some college kids came to be our leaders and Mr Burt (School Principal) his daughter (Miss Hamilton) and Miss Va’afusuaga.
Riverside camp was awesome. I loved the food, activities, chapel, disco, concert, night games and most of all the camp leaders. I can’t wait for next year’s Riverside camp! Woo Hoo!

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