Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Ohh No! The Pilots Have Passed Out

Here is the first draft of my story. It is an unedited version.

“I can’t wait to get to Queenstown! Jacob told Paul and Michael. They had just left New Zealand. Jacob Paul and Michael all sat together. The three drank sprite, ate chips and had some lollies from the little kids who gave out them.

“We should be here by now!” Paul moaned as it had been a long flight. So all he did was play and play and play on the screen in front of his seat. Paul yawned and asked Jacob and Michael, “Should we have a sleep?” “Yes we should aye,” Jacob and Michael replied. After agreeing the three fell asleep.

Boom! “What was that!” The three woke up abruptly. “It sounded like something blew up,” Jacob told. “Of course something blew up! Why do you think we heard a big boom! Paul answered. Jacob shrugged his shoulders. Paul, Jacob and Michael were thinking what was that.

Then suddenly the plane went all wonky. So Paul hopped out of his seat while the other two stayed. Paul asked the staff why was that happening. The staff member wept, “Both of our pilots have passed out!” Straight away Paul ran back to his seat and grabbed Michael and Jacob by their shirts and dragged them to the staff member. The staff member let them through and Paul, Jacob and Michael flew the plane straight. They tried but couldn't. “We can’t do this! Its over,” Paul cried. “We can! Just believe,” Jacob answered.

Something inpetucular was happening to Jacob. He was turning blue, his clothes started to transform, he was becoming to look like Superman. “Jacobs.....Superman! WOW!” Paul and Michael cried surprisingly. Jacob or should I say Superman went out the door to go through the terminal or tarmac and lift up the plane and made it straight. He held it all the way to Queenstown airport and the people were surprised to see Superman in person.

All the people took photos. When the people in the plane came out on the tarmac they all cried, “Thank you Superman for saving us! You are a true hero!” They all thanked him for saving their lives!

The moral of the story is to believe anything can happen like Jacob did.

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  1. Hi Son,
    Wow great post can't wait to read the edited version. Just a few questions where are Paul an Jacob from? Are they friends , colleages, brothers? Why were they going to Queenstown?