Thursday, 24 October 2013

The Man Who Was Safed By Birds

Here is the first draft of my story. It is an unedited version.

Once upon time there once lived an old man named Jack who owned a farm. He was starting to die because he was getting frail.  So he went for a long journey to nowhere land and went to go plant his last plant. He walked and walked and walked and walked until he arrived. “Wow!” Jack cried as he looked at the beautiful scenery.

Jack was looking for a place to plant his plant so he decided to chose to plant it at the end of the cliff. He finally planted. “Ahhh!” Jack screamed as he fell off the cliff. Jack knew it was over. “So this is the way it ends,” Jack wept.

Birds saw him and flew down to him. He was just about to hit the ground when the birds caught him and flew him back up the cliff. When he safely landed at the top of the cliff he was dead.

To Be Continued!

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