Sunday, 29 June 2014

Laser Blaster/Super Hearer

Every single Superhero has powers that you could never imagine. Superheros also have cool costumes and vehicles but this guy has awesome ones. Kendrix Jones is very good at computers and robotics. Everybody thinks he is a dork but nobody knows what he’s capable of. Also in combat he gets really mental e.g if somebody mocks him by naming him a mummy’s boy he could break their legs with a flash look. He’s not the only one with powers, he has friends who have powers too.

Kendrix Jones used to be an ordinary scientist but on one fatal night everything in his life changed. When him and his scientist friends (Superhero Team Name: Justice Supreme) were testing some secret gadgets, some BLUE METH DEALERS chucked them into one of their containers, which had special chemicals that gave them unearthly abilities.

Justice supreme is our superhero team name. We have 4 members plus me which equals 5 in our crew.
  • Number 1 is Commander Stupendous (Magnetism) - He can project magnetic forces, manipulating and controlling metal in any shape or form!
  • Number 2 Lightning Boy (Electrical Powers) - He has the ability to control and manipulate electrical power, whether it's overloading any technological device, or summoning a 10,000 volt charge of lightning to devastate your opponents!
  • Number 3 The Storm Master (Weather Control) - His powers gives him access to the elements of the air, and control of weather - from torrential rain and hurricanes to lightning, hail storms and snow!
  • Number 4 The Mighty Mind (Persuasion) - His superpower is he can make anyone do whatever he asks of them, simply with the power of his mind!
  • Number 5 Laser Blaster/ Super Hearer (Burning/ Super Hearing) Can blast lasers from his eyes, can make people deaf from the power of his hearing!

Nobody knew where he came from and everyone mocked him. He pretended he was an ordinary kid in high school, but really he could shoot Lasers from his eyes also he has super hearing. He has special gadgets and secret vehicles like an Underground Jet, Speed Boat, Trick shoes and a Utility Belt. His weaknesses are that if he uses his lasers too much he goes blind for 2 days. If you want to read more about this superhero, leave me a comment.


Monday, 23 June 2014

Titanic DLO

Here Is Our Titanic DLO. Enjoy :)
By Brooklyn, Khaia and Stevenson

9 Things You Don't Know About Me

Here are 9 things that you don’t know about me.

1. My favourite sport is Tag
2. My favourite food is Sushi (Salmon And Avocado)
3. My favourite songs are Higher by B.O.B, Rather Be By Jess Glynne and Don’t Say Goodbye By Sammy J
4. My favourite Xbox 360 games are Black Ops 2, WWE 12 and Dance Central 3
5. I like to dance like Micheal Jackson & Beyonce
6. Maths is my favourite curriculum subject at school
7. I live 30mins walk away from school
8. I play league for the Mt. Wellington Warriors U11’S

9. My favourite League team’s are Warriors and Rabbitohs

Thursday, 5 June 2014

Life In Minecraft

Imagine that some kid was playing minecraft overnight and alakazam, the whole world was pixilated and turned into MINECRAFT Now you would have to chop trees,get armour and wurst verse mobs. You would have to survive everything go to kill the enderdragon and mine. I would love to be in minecraft and have awesome skins and names play hide & seek mutant Zombies, WITHERS (only available  in mods).

Different Modes
There are many modes like survival, creative and hardcore. In survival mode you only have a limit of lives. You have to go walking around looking for things like armor for protection, animals for food and building supplies for a house. The kind of building supplies you need are wood planks if you are looking to build a house out of wood. In creative you have everything you could get in minecraft. Hardcore is just like survival but your life drops faster and you get hungry faster.
There are so many different mods like Mutant, gun range lucky block and a lot more if you ever want mods just go to Mods for Minecraft. My favorite mod is lucky block because you mine blocks and things come out of it. It could be good or bad. The good things are sometimes in chests like a diamond and gold pickaxe to destroy the blocks faster , diamond and gold armor to protect you from BOB,BOB is a zombie a deadly zombie who has full diamond armour and a enchanted diamond sword. You can get traps like where you trapped in obsidian and have to escape with ender pearls There is  lucky armour, lucky bows & swords.

If you could ever get the chance to live in a minecraft world would you?

A Horrific Nightmare

Today is my first night in the luxurious Titanic. I’m so lucky because I'm not very rich, I won a ticket by entering a competition for decorating the Titanic it was me and some other boy that I've hated all my life he is the same age as me his name is Collin. My name is Stevenson I am only 13 years old I've always wanted to go on the Titanic its been my dream. Me and Collin are in the 3rd class cabins, there not as good as first class as it doesn’t have better beds.

While we were digging into some delicious mouthwatering chickens I (Stevenson) overheard a group of 8 men planning to make the Titanic sink. 4 of them look tough and strong the other 4 were skinny, they looked fast and intelligent. I think they were the ones that were planning it.

As they were leaving I followed them to their cabin. Halfway through they split into twos 4 went one way and 4 went the other. I followed the skinny group and behind me was Collin he said “ I heard them talking about making the Titanic sink “ “Me to, “ I replied. Then I turned and they were gone.

The very next day I woke from my slumber because water slightly touch my hand as my bed was floating around I tried to save my self but something was blocking the door. 5 minutes past and the water had almost reach the top then I slowly sunk and drowned under the water then I died. In the next room was Collin he was already outside and he went upstairs and saw everyone was floating around they were all dead, “Beep Beep Beep Beep!” I woke up from my alarm and saw that today was the day that everyone was boarding the Titanic. “You are very good at sleeping brother! HAHAHA!” We both laughed then boarding the Titanic.

Sunday, 1 June 2014

Titanic Animation

This term we have been learning about how and why the Titanic floated and sunk. This is what my teacher and I, marked me on the rubric. Enjoy my movie :)

      TITANIC from Team 4 Pes on Vimeo.