Thursday, 5 June 2014

Life In Minecraft

Imagine that some kid was playing minecraft overnight and alakazam, the whole world was pixilated and turned into MINECRAFT Now you would have to chop trees,get armour and wurst verse mobs. You would have to survive everything go to kill the enderdragon and mine. I would love to be in minecraft and have awesome skins and names play hide & seek mutant Zombies, WITHERS (only available  in mods).

Different Modes
There are many modes like survival, creative and hardcore. In survival mode you only have a limit of lives. You have to go walking around looking for things like armor for protection, animals for food and building supplies for a house. The kind of building supplies you need are wood planks if you are looking to build a house out of wood. In creative you have everything you could get in minecraft. Hardcore is just like survival but your life drops faster and you get hungry faster.
There are so many different mods like Mutant, gun range lucky block and a lot more if you ever want mods just go to Mods for Minecraft. My favorite mod is lucky block because you mine blocks and things come out of it. It could be good or bad. The good things are sometimes in chests like a diamond and gold pickaxe to destroy the blocks faster , diamond and gold armor to protect you from BOB,BOB is a zombie a deadly zombie who has full diamond armour and a enchanted diamond sword. You can get traps like where you trapped in obsidian and have to escape with ender pearls There is  lucky armour, lucky bows & swords.

If you could ever get the chance to live in a minecraft world would you?

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  1. Hi Stevenson
    well that sound's so cool but at the end I think that in survival mode it wont be good for me so I'll stick to creative keep it up