Friday, 30 August 2013

Randy Orton And The Three Panda's

"Lets go for a walk so that our porridge can cool down," mummy panda exclaimed. "Okay!" Daddy panda replied. So then the three panda's went for a walk in the jungle.

While they were out Randy Orton arrived and yelled, " Anybody home?" Randy Orton entered the three panda's mansion and was surprised at the three porridge's. Randy tasted the little panda's porridge, " Ohhh Yuck! This tastes disgusting!" He moved onto the next porridge. " Eww! Even worse!" But when he tasted the daddy's he gracefully whispered, "This porridge tastes divine."

Then Randy wanted to sit down so he went to the following seats. He tried all three but the most comfortable chair for him was daddy panda's chair. So he sat on it the whole afternoon relaxing. When the sun started to set Randy started to yawn and rub his eyes.

He went upstairs and headed straight to the daddy panda's bed as he thought that it was going to be the most comfortable but he was wrong. It was actually the mother panda's one. He lay in the bed and fell asleep.

A few minutes later the panda's came back from their walk. They had not noticed that somebody had been in their house. So they did things as usual. They ate their porridge, sat on their chairs but when they went to their beds to have a nap, the mother panda found Randy Orton inside her bed. Then they all started to stare at him until he finally opened his eyes. " WHAT THE!"...

Randy jumped out of her bed as he got freaked out. He RKO'd all the panda's except the little panda because he was small and cute that he felt sorry for him.

Randy ran downstairs past the chairs, past the porridge's and out the door. He sprinted as fast as he could to lose the panda's and he did. When he slowed down he found himself lost in the jungle. (Here is my Moral! HEHE) Do not stare at Randy Orton or else you will get RKO'd by him. Also lock your house before you go out somewhere.

Big Foot Adventures

Cycle Safety With BIGFOOT ADVENTURE from Team 4 Pes on Vimeo.

Today Room 18 maths class were cycling around the school netball courts. Big Foot adventures taught us about things to wear while cycling, for example wear shoes, long pants and a helmet. They also taught us how to keep safe when we cycle. We learnt some hand signals. To turn right you had to put your hand out to the right. If you wanted to turn left then you put your hand out to the left. To signal that your stopping you have to have a straight arm but bent on an angle to make a backwards L shape. Here is a short movie our teacher created. Hope you enjoy!

Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Moral Of The Story To Goldilocks And The Three Bear's

Your Challenge: To explain how a morale from a fable applies to your life

You will need to think about:

  • What fable you will choose and why
  • How many and what characters will be in your story
  • Your use of speech and the correct punctuation
  • A Problem and solution
  • Your attention to detail

Paragraph 1: Retell and summarise an Aesop Fable of your choice
Paragraph 2: Explain the morale of the fable.
Paragraph 3: How does the morale apply to your life? What have you learnt?

Title: Goldilocks And The Three Bears

Start Writing Here:
PARAGRAPH 1: The story of Goldilocks and the three bears is about a little girl named Goldilocks who enters the three bears house while they are out for a walk to cool their porridges down . Goldilocks sees the three bowls of porridge on the table and tastes all of them. When she gets to the baby bear's porridge she cries out, “IMMMMMMM!! This porridge is just right!” After tasting all three porridges she went and looked for the right chair to sit on. She tried all three but the little bears chair was the most comfortable one so she stayed on it. It was like whenever Goldilocks tried the little bears things it was all ways what she wanted. After a few minutes the little bears chair broke and Goldilocks yawned and decided to go to sleep. So she went up stairs and tried all three beds. Still it was the baby bear’s bed that was the most comfortable bed for her. So she tucked herself in little baby bear's bed and fell asleep. The three bears came back from their walk and had noticed that somebody had been eating their porridge. All three of the bears angrily shouted, “Somebody has been eating our porridge!” They had seen that somebody had eaten their porridge so then they went to their chairs. Father bear and mother bears chair was okay but they were still angry that somebody had sat on their chair. When it came to baby bear’s chair he cried and said, “Somebody broke mine!” Then they arrived at the beds. The father bear and mother bear’s bed was okay but baby bear saw Goldilocks in his bed and he said, “Somebody has been in my bed and she is still here!” Mother bear and father bear looked at her then suddenly Goldi woke up and tried to escape but it was too late the three bear’s ate her up.

PARAGRAPH 2: The moral of the story is don’t go into other peoples houses without their permission and don’t interfere with their property because if you do you’ll get eaten like Goldi.

PARAGRAPH 3: The moral of this story applys to my life by letting me know not to go into other peoples houses without their permission. Also don’t interfere with their things.

Key Features Of A Narrative

This is a movie that the kiwis (literacy group) made with Mr Somerville about the key features of a narrative. Hope you enjoy

Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Moral Of The Story To The Hare And The Tortoise

Your Challenge: To explain how a morale from a fable applies to your life

Plan: Paragraph 1: Retell and summarize an Aesop Fable of your choice
Paragraph 2: Explain the morale of the fable.
Paragraph 3: How does the morale apply to your life? What have you learnt?

Paragraph 1: The Hare And The Tortoise story is about cocky fast hare races a slow and steady tortoise to the top of the hill and back down. The race starts and the hare runs off at the speed of lightning while the tortoise is crawling off the starting line slowly like a snail. The hare gets to the top of the hill sees the tortoise still at the starting line. Then the hare decides to take a nap. A few hours later the tortoise finally reaches the top of the hill goes back down. Hare wakes up sees the tortoise near the finish line runs as fast as he can but it is too late the tortoise crossed the line before him.

Paragraph 2: The moral of the story is slow and steady wins the race. Don’t rush take your time. So when you race always go SLOW AND STEADY!

Paragraph 3: The moral apply's to my life by letting me know that do not get cocky in any thing such as sports, running, school work, etc. 
I learnt not to act cocky or act like your the best at something like running. Also take your time and do things properly.

Monday, 12 August 2013

Steps To Putting Oil In A Car

Today my mum and I checked our car to see if it needed oil. Here are the steps to putting oil inside your car.

Step 1: Turn off car
Step 2: Open the bonnet
Step 3: Check your dipstick to see if there is any oil on it.
Step 4: If there isn't go buy some oil
Step 5: Repeat steps 1 & 2
Step 6: Open engine cap
Step 7: Open oil
Step 8: Pour whole bottle of oil in hole (1 Litre)
Step 9: Put engine cap back on
Step 10: Check dipstick again to see if there is enough oil
Step 11: If there is enough oil shut bonnet
Step 12: If not then repeat steps 5-10
Step 13: When you are done go inside your house and have a nice relaxing rest or play minecraft like what I usually do.

People who ask " Why I published this on my blog?" well I did it for the Primary and Intermediate kids ( When they grow up), College, University and people who are learning how to care for their cars.

Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Here Is One Question I Solved Using Four Different Strategies

The Boy Who Cried Wolf

Click the link that says Stevenson The Boy Who Cried Wolf and it will take you to my boo. Hope You Enjoy‘Stevenson The Boy Who Cried Wolf’

Once upon a time their was a boy who had a job from his father. That job was looking out for wolves so they could not eat the sheep. He had to keep his eyes peeled day and night watching out for wolves. Then he got so bored of doing this job that he went and asked his dad “ Can't the sheep look after themselves? I'm bored of looking after the sheep,” “ Sorry no son. This is a very important job to do,” dad replied. So then the boy went back and looked after the sheep and kept his eyes peeled for wolves.

Then after a few hours he got even more bored. So then he made a prank to act like a wolf was here. He cried out “ WOLF WOLF WOOOOOOOOLF.” Then the villagers came running towards the boy ready to kill the wolf with their weapons. When they arrived there was no wolf.  Thats when the boy said, “ HA HA!! Fooled you all.” The villagers weren’t quite happy with him and the blacksmith too. He thought pranking was so funny that he made up another one but made it look like a wolf had really had been here. He made a better act by daubing red paint on his arm to look like the wolf had bit him. After daubing red paint on his arm he cried out, “ WOLF WOLF WOOOOOOOOOOOLF” Then the villagers came running towards the boy. When they arrived the second time they got pranked again. Thats when he laughed again and said, “ HA HA! FOOLED YOU ALL!!” Then they all got angry at him. Not one villager laughed only him. Then the boy went home.

When he arrived at home his dad was furious with him. He never thought it was funny when his son was pranking the villagers but he did. So did his friends. Then he went back to his job still keeping an eye out for wolves.

A few minutes later sheep started to run around like headless chickens dogs were barking it was all chaos. Then out of nowhere the big bad wolf that he had been looking out for came out of nowhere and seized the sheep by biting its back. “ OUCH!!!’’ the boy cried at the poor little sheep. After seeing the wolf the boy went and called for help by saying, “ WOLF WOLF WOOOOOOOLF!!” But no villagers listened to him they kept on doing their own thing. Then the boy went to the blacksmith, “ But this time its true, ” the boy cried with his eyes filled with tears. Then the blacksmith just ignored him and stayed on task with his job.

No Body Believes a Liar, Even When They Are Telling The Truth And Don't Cry Out Wolf Unless You Really Mean It.

Friday, 2 August 2013

Harold Questions

1. What Is A Friend?
A friend is someone who talks to you, is helpful, honest, kind, sharing, a friend is also when they stick up for you etc.

2. What makes a good friend?
A good friend is somebody who is honest to you and kind to you.

3. Why Are Friends Important?
Because if your lonely then you feel sad. Also friends are important because they can encourage you and support you.

Thursday, 1 August 2013

The Wolf In Sheep's Clothing

Once upon a time on a cold snowy hillside there was an evil hungry wolf wandering around looking for food. The wolf came past a farm where a kind caring shepherd was patting his sheep. He referred to them all by their names. When the wolf looked at the sheep they were nothing but lamb chops.

Suddenly he left. While walking past tree after tree he found a sheep skin under one of them. He thought of an evil plan. His evil plan was to disguise himself and eat the sheep one by one. The evil wolf’s tummy rumbled as he had no doubt that he would eat all of the sheep.

After disguising himself he went and joined the sheep at the farm. He walked around the paddock just like the sheep, grazed like the sheep and talked like a sheep. Then the sun slowly started to set.

That’s when the wolf tried to make his move but failed. When he was just about to eat one of the sheep the shepherd came in to chose the thinnest sheep of them all to eat for dinner. He chose and killed the wolf. After killing the wolf, that had not been a sheep, the shepherd took it home for his wife to roast.

‘’They had a surprise when they put it on the table that it had not been a sheep it was a wolf.


Don’t pretend to be something you are not.

My Breakfast Investigation Imovie

Stevenson Extension Project from Team 4 Pes on Vimeo.

My Extension Breakfast Investigation Presentation