Friday, 30 August 2013

Randy Orton And The Three Panda's

"Lets go for a walk so that our porridge can cool down," mummy panda exclaimed. "Okay!" Daddy panda replied. So then the three panda's went for a walk in the jungle.

While they were out Randy Orton arrived and yelled, " Anybody home?" Randy Orton entered the three panda's mansion and was surprised at the three porridge's. Randy tasted the little panda's porridge, " Ohhh Yuck! This tastes disgusting!" He moved onto the next porridge. " Eww! Even worse!" But when he tasted the daddy's he gracefully whispered, "This porridge tastes divine."

Then Randy wanted to sit down so he went to the following seats. He tried all three but the most comfortable chair for him was daddy panda's chair. So he sat on it the whole afternoon relaxing. When the sun started to set Randy started to yawn and rub his eyes.

He went upstairs and headed straight to the daddy panda's bed as he thought that it was going to be the most comfortable but he was wrong. It was actually the mother panda's one. He lay in the bed and fell asleep.

A few minutes later the panda's came back from their walk. They had not noticed that somebody had been in their house. So they did things as usual. They ate their porridge, sat on their chairs but when they went to their beds to have a nap, the mother panda found Randy Orton inside her bed. Then they all started to stare at him until he finally opened his eyes. " WHAT THE!"...

Randy jumped out of her bed as he got freaked out. He RKO'd all the panda's except the little panda because he was small and cute that he felt sorry for him.

Randy ran downstairs past the chairs, past the porridge's and out the door. He sprinted as fast as he could to lose the panda's and he did. When he slowed down he found himself lost in the jungle. (Here is my Moral! HEHE) Do not stare at Randy Orton or else you will get RKO'd by him. Also lock your house before you go out somewhere.


  1. Nice interesting words and I like your moral keep up the good work.

  2. Nice interesting words and I like your moral keep up the good work.