Monday, 12 August 2013

Steps To Putting Oil In A Car

Today my mum and I checked our car to see if it needed oil. Here are the steps to putting oil inside your car.

Step 1: Turn off car
Step 2: Open the bonnet
Step 3: Check your dipstick to see if there is any oil on it.
Step 4: If there isn't go buy some oil
Step 5: Repeat steps 1 & 2
Step 6: Open engine cap
Step 7: Open oil
Step 8: Pour whole bottle of oil in hole (1 Litre)
Step 9: Put engine cap back on
Step 10: Check dipstick again to see if there is enough oil
Step 11: If there is enough oil shut bonnet
Step 12: If not then repeat steps 5-10
Step 13: When you are done go inside your house and have a nice relaxing rest or play minecraft like what I usually do.

People who ask " Why I published this on my blog?" well I did it for the Primary and Intermediate kids ( When they grow up), College, University and people who are learning how to care for their cars.


  1. Hi Stevenson that is cool that you are putting oil in a car by yourself you must of been nervous when you put it in because you might of made a mistake and stuff up the car Keep up the good work and P.S
    your steps are amazing.!!!

  2. Hi Stevenson, you really helped me. I took your steps and did it on my uncles car. Your steps do work. Thanks for your help.