Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Moral Of The Story To Goldilocks And The Three Bear's

Your Challenge: To explain how a morale from a fable applies to your life

You will need to think about:

  • What fable you will choose and why
  • How many and what characters will be in your story
  • Your use of speech and the correct punctuation
  • A Problem and solution
  • Your attention to detail

Paragraph 1: Retell and summarise an Aesop Fable of your choice
Paragraph 2: Explain the morale of the fable.
Paragraph 3: How does the morale apply to your life? What have you learnt?

Title: Goldilocks And The Three Bears

Start Writing Here:
PARAGRAPH 1: The story of Goldilocks and the three bears is about a little girl named Goldilocks who enters the three bears house while they are out for a walk to cool their porridges down . Goldilocks sees the three bowls of porridge on the table and tastes all of them. When she gets to the baby bear's porridge she cries out, “IMMMMMMM!! This porridge is just right!” After tasting all three porridges she went and looked for the right chair to sit on. She tried all three but the little bears chair was the most comfortable one so she stayed on it. It was like whenever Goldilocks tried the little bears things it was all ways what she wanted. After a few minutes the little bears chair broke and Goldilocks yawned and decided to go to sleep. So she went up stairs and tried all three beds. Still it was the baby bear’s bed that was the most comfortable bed for her. So she tucked herself in little baby bear's bed and fell asleep. The three bears came back from their walk and had noticed that somebody had been eating their porridge. All three of the bears angrily shouted, “Somebody has been eating our porridge!” They had seen that somebody had eaten their porridge so then they went to their chairs. Father bear and mother bears chair was okay but they were still angry that somebody had sat on their chair. When it came to baby bear’s chair he cried and said, “Somebody broke mine!” Then they arrived at the beds. The father bear and mother bear’s bed was okay but baby bear saw Goldilocks in his bed and he said, “Somebody has been in my bed and she is still here!” Mother bear and father bear looked at her then suddenly Goldi woke up and tried to escape but it was too late the three bear’s ate her up.

PARAGRAPH 2: The moral of the story is don’t go into other peoples houses without their permission and don’t interfere with their property because if you do you’ll get eaten like Goldi.

PARAGRAPH 3: The moral of this story applys to my life by letting me know not to go into other peoples houses without their permission. Also don’t interfere with their things.

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