Thursday, 26 January 2017

SLJ 2017 W4:D20

Activity 1:
If I could eat anything when I came back from England I would ask for

- butter chicken with some naan bread
- steak and mushroom sauce with some potatoes and beans
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For dessert I would ask for:
- strawberry pavlova
Activity 2:
I learnt that the UK doesn’t have a national day, only public holidays . They are usually called “bank holidays” because all banks close on these days. This is the time where British love to connect with family and friends. British people often go out to watch horse or greyhound racing, maybe watch a game of football (soccer) or rugby.

Another thing I learnt about England was in 2011 there population was 53.2 million and increasing. So now they should have about 60 million people in their country.
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Bonus Activity:
Hello my name is Stevenson!
I've recently come back from my trip to England and I had an amazing experience. Some amazing buildings I saw were the Big Ben Tower (largest clock tower in UK), Buckingham Palace (home of the royal family) and the ancient circles (stonehenge). I even got to meet Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Williams! The kind of food there was delicious. For breakfast we had like a fry up. It's a mix of eggs, bacon, toast, baked beans and some other ingredients. For lunch we had pies and for dinner we had fish & chips. (totally different taste and texture to our local fish and chips).  I even got to visit the national zoo, which had all sorts of exotic animals such as the asian elephants and sunda garhial (mean looking crocodile).  My advice to all of you will be go to England its awesome.

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SLJ 2017 W4:D19

Activity 1:
I would take a trip on the bus as it’s not too long but not too short. At least we’ll have two stops to take photos at the villages. Also I think it might be a bit safer than travelling on a scooter.  If I had gone on a train I would of seen no tourist spots. Also it only costs $8 which is not that much money.
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Activity 2:
My favourite vehicle would be the suitcase scooter. I like it because it kills two birds with one stone. You can transport your luggage in your suitcase and transport yourself with the amazing scooter.
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Bonus Activity:

SLJ 2017 W4:D18

Activity 1:
Day 1...I had just entered the zoo when, all of a sudden, I saw a whole lot of weird looking animals. Humming and harring... actually some looked familiar like the mountain hare (similar to what we kiwis call a rabbit) also the European hedgehog.
Suddenly I hear a loud roar and follow the sound.  Up ahead I see  a big cuddly Sun bear from Malaysia looking lonely or hungry.  I take some snaps and carry on through the 125 acre zoo.  I see some Asian elephants and wonder what other exotics animals they have.
I come across a weird looking crocodile and am told that it is a Sunda Gharial. The worlds largest and most impressive crocodile species, ekk I wouldn’t want to be caught be that.
So much more to see and do but I will have to return another day as I am quiet tried and would like to recharge my batteries...Day 2 to be continued
Activity 2:
Mountain hare and European Hedgehog

The Mountain Hare lives in polar and mountainous habitats. When snowing it grazes on twigs and bark. In areas where it is not snowing they feed on the grass.

The European Hedgehog lives in wide range of habitat types. It is omnivorous, feeding mainly on invertebrates. Invertebrates are animals who don’t have backbones. The hedgehog's diet includes slugs, earthworms, beetles, caterpillars and other insects. Some fruits and mushrooms may supplement their diet.
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Bonus Activity:
To protect our endangered species they should put the animals on their own island. So they can reproduce also to protect them from predators. There would be strictly no visitors allowed! As rats or other species could get into their bags and take the endangered animals eggs.

SLJ 2017 W4:D17

Activity 1:
I would most like to visit the buckingham palace. The reasons why is because I’d love to explore the royal family's house and meet some of the royal family members especially Prince William's and Queen Elizabeth II.

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Activity 2:
If I hosted a visitor from another country I would take them to:
  1. The Sky Tower
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  1. Rainbows End
Click on the link to find out more information about Rainbows end.  Auckland’s famous theme park for people of all ages.

  1. Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa.

Te Papa is New Zealand's innovative and interactive national museum. Explore the great treasures and stories of this country – its unique natural environment, Maori culture, art heritage, and fascinating history. Click on the link to find out more amazing facts about Te Papa.

Bonus Activity: Church

This is an image of me sitting outside one of our S.D.A (Seventh Day Adventist) community churches. People gather here to worship the lord every Saturday. It is only a few blocks away from my house so it usually takes me two minutes to walk there. This is where my family go to church.

Wednesday, 25 January 2017

SLJ 2017 W4:D16

Activity 1:

C:\Users\rwil313\Desktop\english parade.jpg
If I had travelled to England while their bank holidays where active I would eat fish and chips and pies. I would also go watch horse or greyhound racing and maybe go to a local pub to watch a game of football (soccer) or rugby on the television.

Activity 2: Chocolate Festival
If I could create a public holiday it would be a Chocolate Festival. Everyone would get the day off to either make or sample different kinds chocolate from all over the world. People would also get a chance to enter a competition with a prize of 100,000 dollars. They have to create their own spectacular chocolate recipe made from at least three ingredients from England. They can also be any age and from any country. Tastiest one gets the prize money.
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Bonus Activity:
We have a upcoming holiday which is on the 6th of February… Waitangi Day. It's a day to remember the signing of the Treaty between the Pakeha and Maori.
Some things I do on this holiday is go around to my relatives houses and hang out. We also have a big lunch at mine where everyone brings some food to share. Sometimes I get to sleep over at my friends house the day before Waitangi. Twice I've even gone to a festival at Bastion Point in Orakei to celebrate the public holiday.

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Tuesday, 24 January 2017

SLJ 2017 W3:D15

Activity 1:
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  1. What do you think of this painting? This painting looks really cool with all the bright colours spread around. It’s a very abstract picture.
  2. Do you like it? Yes
  3. If you could buy it and give it to someone, who would you choose? I would give it to my mum as she likes abstract art and would appreciate this art work.
Activity 2:
I would feel sad because I’ll probably never see my friends again. Also I would have to wake up early hours in the morning to work through the hot day, then go to sleep late and not get enough sleep.

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Bonus Activity:
I have visited the exhibition before and it’s crazy awesome. Here are three things I learned about the war visiting the Scale Of War.
  1. 850 men were killed in the battle for Chunuk Bair
  2. Nearly 3,000 soldiers were killed on Gallipoli
  3. Lottie hoped to see her brother, Leddie, again. She sent letters to him from July to November, only to get her letters returned telling her he had been dead for 4 months.
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SLJ 2017 W3:D14

Activity 1:
If I were Prime Minister my three rules would be:
(1) Provide free devices for College Students.
(2) Every year residents get to stay in a house for a week free! So they can get money sorted to pay bills.
(3) Build more parks or buildings like Te Oro (Music and Arts Centre in G.I.) for children around the community.
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Activity 2:
Three Facts About Hillary Clinton:
- Has two brothers Hugh (66) and Tony (62)
- Sports she did was swimming and baseball as a teenager
- Was born in Chicago
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Bonus Activity:
I would not want to be prime minister as I would have too much responsibilities. Some things would be:
- sorting out taxes
- solving complaints
- making the country a better place
- keeping citizens happy and giving them what they want

Prime Minister would be a hard job to control because 1. It’s a big responsibility and 2. Have so much work to do and no time to spend with family and friends. I think that is why John Key resigned.

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