Tuesday, 17 January 2017

SLJ 2017 W2:D9

Activity 1: My family

In my family there is my two grandparents.

Nana Mali (62) and Papa Steven (63).
My mum Wylma (36).
Next is my 3 aunties and 3 uncles.
Aunties - Sandy (43), Stephanie (41) and Anne-Marie (35)
Uncles - Christian (39), Jon (31)  and Hayden (29)
I also have many cousins who I visit here and there.
I'm an only child so I'm lucky that I get everything.

Photo of my grandparents, mother, aunties and uncles from 30 years ago.


Activity 2: Duggar Child
I think if I was one of the Duggar children I would feel sad and maybe insecure. I might feel this because I probably don't get much attention than the other children.
But if I had to live with 18 siblings, I would love having lots of brothers and sisters to play and talk with. What I wouldn't like would be:
  1. The limited space
  2. Not enough attention
  3. Miss out on opportunities
  4. Arguments occur
  5. Not enough money to provide food and drinks

Image result for duggar family 2016

Bonus Activity: Family interview
  1. What is your name? Wylma
  2. Where were you born? Auckland, New Zealand
  3. How many siblings do you have? 6, 3 sisters and 3 brothers
  4. What is your favourite thing about living in New Zealand? The freedom and the warm weather.
  5. If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go? Egypt
  6. Why? Because I've always wanted to see the pyramids with my own eyes.
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  1. Hi Stevenson,

    Yet again you have posted a fabulous blog! I must admit that I've been sitting here staring at the picture of the Egyptian pyramids for the past few minutes. Where did you find it? When you post great pics, can you please add a link to the original source? That would be great! I know that your teachers at St Kent's will also expect you to include references or attributions for your images.

    Speaking of teachers and schooling, I can remember learning that the Duggar family actually home schools all of their children. Their mother (Michelle) teaches each and every one of the children their literacy, numeracy, science, PE, etc. The children have their 'school time' in the mornings and then have time in the afternoon to play outside or to learn a series of 'real life skills' such as how to bake, how to change fuel in a car engine, how to build a fence, etc. It sounds like quite a well-rounded education to me. What do you think? Do you like the of being home-schooled?

    As am only child I can imagine that it might be a bit lonely and quiet if you didn't go to public school. My son, Aronui, loves going to school. He's an only child, too, and he really misses his friends and his social life when he's home for too long!

    He was actually asking me to take him to school this morning so that he could play with other kids. Poor guy! I guess that playing with me isn't that much fun?!

    Great post, Stevenson - interesting and engaging.

    Rachel :)

    1. Thanks Rachel For Your Comment!

      One of my younger cousins gets home-schooled and we have lots of things in common. He says its actually pretty fun. So I think if he likes home-schooling then I'll like it too!

      Well I do have lots of cousins that visit me so it's alright being an only child.


    2. Glad to hear that you have plenty of visitors (i.e. your cousins). It's interesting to read that one of your cousins gets home-schooled. One of my closest friends was home-schooled until she was 12 and then she came to our public school. I think that she actually preferred being home-schooled to attending public school because she was better able to follow her passions and interests when she was studying at home. She also had more time to go to local museums and events in town that were held during regular school hours. It is an intriguing idea...

      Rachel :)

  2. Hi Stevenson!

    Wow it's just epic how well you make your blogs. I really enjoy them. It looks like you have a huge extended family which is awesome. My family is huge too.

    You know, Wylma isn't the first relative that I've seen that wants to see the pyramids. I wonder if it's some kind of trend.

    Keep up the great work!