Monday, 16 January 2017

SLJ 2017 W2:D8

Activity 1:
In the holidays I like to hang out with my cousins. We usually play hide and seek around the entire house. It's actually quite fun.

Activity 2: Summer Activities
I interviewed my mum and here are her answers.
  1. Get out of Auckland
  2. Go to the beach
  3. Spend time with family
  4. Eat food and relax
  5. Catch up with friends


  1. Hi Stevenson,

    That does sound like a lot of fun! I love the family photo. It looks like you are one of the oldest children in your extended Erick family. Is that true? Aronui (my little guy) is the youngest in his extended family by about 20 years. He loves going to family events because he has so many people to hang out with and to play games with!

    Hope that you and the Erick family had a great 'xmas' this year :)


    1. Well there is about 10 others that are older but are in the extended family. But for just our close family in AKL I'm the third oldest. If you have good eyes you would see that on the right is Faith who is posting on parkeronair. She is really tall in person and is intimidating at times. Well for me she is...


    2. Hi Stevenson!

      Oh, yes, I can see Faith. What a small world! I will post the names of the winners on the SLJ site tonight. Watch this space...

      Cheers, Rachel