Wednesday, 18 January 2017

SLJ 2017 W2:D10

Activity 1:
I would rather continue learning in New Zealand as we focus on less subjects than Germans. Also there break times are much shorter than ours. They only get 10 and 20 minute breaks. But at P.E.S we get 30 minutes and an hour.

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Activity 2:
My favorite subject in school is maths! I love it because it is easy to work out strategies, equations and I'm good with numbers.

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  1. Lovely post, Stevenson. I particularly like the timetable that you created for a 'Day in the life of Stevenson!' It looks like you spend a lot of time in school learning about literacy (reading/writing) and maths. Thank goodness you like maths so much! I am also a huge fan of maths. I used to take as many maths classes as I could when I was a student in Canada.

    In Ontario, Canada (where I am from) we call maths 'math' (no 's'). I still forget to add the 's' to the word math sometimes when I'm writing about it! I will have to keep practicing so that I don't forget. Speaking of practicing, it is great to know that you're practicing your reading and writing skills this summer. It will definitely pay off. Your teachers at St Kent's will be so impressed ;-)

    Keep on truckin', Stevenson. You're halfway through the programme already!


    1. Thanks Rachel for the comment!

      Hopefully I can finish the other half throughout this week.


    2. I have complete confidence in you!

  2. Kia ora Stevenson! Welcome to the half way mark! You have done so well to get this far in such a short time. There are now 8 days to finish so with 10 more days of blogs to go you may just make it.

    I really agree with the reasons you gave for NZ schools. Longer breaks are better for learning how to make friends.

    Keep up the fantastic work.