Wednesday, 25 January 2017

SLJ 2017 W4:D16

Activity 1:

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If I had travelled to England while their bank holidays where active I would eat fish and chips and pies. I would also go watch horse or greyhound racing and maybe go to a local pub to watch a game of football (soccer) or rugby on the television.

Activity 2: Chocolate Festival
If I could create a public holiday it would be a Chocolate Festival. Everyone would get the day off to either make or sample different kinds chocolate from all over the world. People would also get a chance to enter a competition with a prize of 100,000 dollars. They have to create their own spectacular chocolate recipe made from at least three ingredients from England. They can also be any age and from any country. Tastiest one gets the prize money.
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Bonus Activity:
We have a upcoming holiday which is on the 6th of February… Waitangi Day. It's a day to remember the signing of the Treaty between the Pakeha and Maori.
Some things I do on this holiday is go around to my relatives houses and hang out. We also have a big lunch at mine where everyone brings some food to share. Sometimes I get to sleep over at my friends house the day before Waitangi. Twice I've even gone to a festival at Bastion Point in Orakei to celebrate the public holiday.

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  1. Hi Stevenson,

    I love the idea of hosting a Chocolate Festival. I think that it would be a huge hit! Chocolate has such universal appeal - almost everybody loves it, in one form or another. I would certainly enjoy learning how to make chocolate. I've taken a few classes but there is quite an art to tempering (making) chocolate properly. I can still remember watching a woman create a chocolate sculpture from scratch and just marveling at the beauty of the final product. Talented chocolatiers can do almost anything with cocoa beans...

    Speaking of chocolate, do you have a favourite type or flavour of chocolate? Mine would have to be fruit and nut. I love it!

    I hope that you and your family have a wonderful time at the Waitandi Day celebrations. Perhaps you will have the chance to go back to Bastion Point in Orakei to have a picnic and, maybe even, enjoy a chocolate treat?

    All the best,
    Rachel :)

  2. Hello Rachel,

    Thanks for the comment. My favorite chocolate wo1 uld be the L&P flavored. It's so delicious!

    Oh no! Strict diet from now on. No chocolate for Stevenson!? :(

    Thanks Again
    Stevenson :)

    1. Oh, no! That is serious. No chocolate?! Wow, I am impressed. I've done the same thing to get ready for big sporting tournaments so I can definitely relate to the strict diet idea.

      Good on ya ;-)