Thursday, 12 January 2017

SLJ 2017 W1:D4

Activity 1:
In today's weather we have a low of 37℉ and a high of 48℃, cloudy with a touch of rain. Tomorrow’s forecast is going to be a low of 43℉ and a high of 46℃, going to have variable clouds with a shower. On Wednesday we are going to have a low of 36℉ and a boiling high of 52℃ the whole day will be partially sunshine. During Thursday it will be a much cooler day with a few showers. We’ll have  a low of 34℉ and a high of 43℃. Coming through to Friday the day will be better and partly sunny. Friday will have a low of 30℉ and a high of 42℃. Closing the week off Saturday will have some sun in the day a few showers but will mostly be chilly… having a low of 33℉ and a high of 40℃

Weather forecast from 11/04/16. (NOT ALL CITIES)

Activity 2:
Things I need to pack in my bag before going to England:
  • Toiletries*
  • Clothes*
  • Phone*
  • Passport*
  • Pounds (Money)*
  • Shoes & Jandals
  • Book
  • NZL Souvenirs
  • NZL Treats (Pineapple Lumps, Tim Tams etc)

Image result for luggage teenager

Bonus Activity:
Excuse the picasso art*
Unfortunately I had problems using wordle, so I decided to create my own.  


  1. Stevenson,

    I love to see that you were able to think 'on the fly' and come up with an alternative approach for the wordle activity. I'm so sorry that Wordle was acting up! We are going to try using Tagul from now on...

    I think that your ingenuity really shines through in this activity. Did you have to write out each word using a paintbrush in Picasso? That must have taken you quite awhile. We will make note of your extra effort and reward you with 2 extra points for this activity.

    Nicely done, Stevenson!

    Rachel :)

    1. Rachel,

      Thanks for the comment. Yes I did have to write out each word using the paintbrush. I did indeed take me a while trying to space out everything. Thanks again for the 2 extra points.


  2. Hi Stevenson!

    I usually find something missing in the lists of students, but this one is so well thought out that I cant find anything! I bet you have been travelling, or maybe your parent's have, so you know exactly what to bring.

    Keep up the great work,


    1. Hi Mark!

      Thanks for another comment!
      I've been overseas many times with family so I know exactly what to take and need. You, rachel, my friends and family probably don't know but I have traveled overseas to:
      Niue (my hometown) - approximately 15 times.
      Apia, Samoa - three times
      Rarotonga, Cook Islands - twice
      Gold Coast, Australia - once
      Perth, Australia - once
      Singapore - once

      Thanks Again


    2. Hi Stevenson!

      That's really cool! You sound well traveled.

      I don't know if you'd like to know where I have traveled or lived, but here is my list:

      I have lived in:
      Australia - 9 months
      South Korea - 2.5 years
      Vietnam - 6 months

      And traveled through:
      Italy 1 time
      Czech Republic 1
      France 1
      England 2
      Scotland 1
      Japan 3
      Thailand 2
      Taiwan 1
      Hong Kong 2

      I LOVE travelling and can't wait to explore more of the world. You are lucky to have traveled so much already, I didn't get to leave the country till I was 20 years old after saving all the pay I could to get to Australia. Then I didn't travel again till I was 27! I only got back at the end of 2015!