Sunday, 27 April 2014

Xtreme Entertainment!!!

Intro: Driving To Extreme Entertainment
“VRMMMMM!” My mum and I were off to Xtreme Entertainment at Wairau Valley. As we were driving there I was thinking about the megazone laser strike. Do you know what laser strike is?

Chapter 2: First Activity (Laser Strike)
As soon as we arrived we went upstairs to the laser strike. First I went to the megazone briefing room to know what the rules were and how to get points. The rules are no climbing, swearing, running and physical contact. How to get points is you shoot targets on the wall and shoot bases which are on every corner of the room and worth 2000 points. My first game I came 3rd, my 2nd game I came 4th, 3rd game I came first and my 4th game I came 1st again. I wanted to do another round of laser strike but my mother said, “Try something different son.”

Chapter 3: Next Activity (Bowling)
So I decided to do Ten Pin Bowling. When we were playing my mum got 1 strike and no spares and I got no strikes and 2 spares. A strike is when you knock down all the pins in one go. Spares are when you knock them all down with two bowls. I enjoyed the game that I wanted to play again. But instead we decided to play some arcade/video games.

Chapter 4: Last Activity (Arcade Games)
The first arcade game we played was Wheel Of Fortune. In this game you have to guess what the word is before the time runs out. My mum and I only won once. Next we, well I, played Bling King. In the machine it has small square containers that are worth 100 tickets. On my first two attempts I got one of the square boxes. I was surprised and purchased a ball with my tickets at the reception. My mum and I took a photo at the photo booth machine then went on a miniature motion master, which was wicked because it was like you are in the scene.

Xtreme Entertainment if you ask me it is a weird name as there is nothing extreme inside. For example a ninja warrior course. But at least it has cool stuff like laser strike, bowling and lots of amazing arcade games. I hope that I can return there to have my 11th birthday.

Tuesday, 22 April 2014

~Easter Show Recount~

It was the last night for the Easter Show, I begged my mum to go and she said, “Yes." So we got changed into warm clothes and zoomed off, Vrmmmmmm! But first, we collected two of my cuzzies named Kingston and Faith. When we arrived at the show Kingston and I headed towards the Flava stage.

“Salsa!” A man shouted into the microphone. It was the Banda Latina Salsa Group. “Arribaaaa!” The salsa group picked some people from the audience and danced with them. My cousin Kingston spotted this guy dancing hard out by himself. We started laughing because we thought he wanted to dance with one of the Congo girls. Next up was the Royal Family.

The Royal Family are world famous dance groups such as bubblegum (junior), sorority (Varsity), misfits (Adults) and request (Adults) joined together as one. Their movements were  good but they had too much twerking songs. Also there dance moves were not the best because they were mostly girly and not the best choreography i've seen from them. But one of their dance sets was awesome it had two rows of six dancers. The back row were controlling the front row. They were making them pop, lock and drop in time with the music.

After the Royal family had finished their dance routine, fire dancers came out from the stage. I wondered what they were holding, it looked like a giant ear bud with fire on each end. While they were dancing I got startled when I heard an explosion. “Boom, Boom!” I gazed up at the sky and saw a cluster of exploding rainbow colours. I stood still in amazment watching the colours disappear into the darkness. After a few moments of silence I thought it was time to go home, but the organisers said, “An hour left to check out the rest of the show.”

So my family and I walked around looking at the other attractions. There were lots of activities such as Mahons Amusement carnival rides, Zirka Circus, farm world, art world and the superfly slide. I really wanted to do the superfly slide but unfortunately I didn't have a change of clothes

My favorite thing was spending time with my family watching the fireworks display. Next years Easter Show I hope to do the superfly slide and to watch the zirka circus.

How To Make Chocolate Chip Cookies

Below is a presentation about how to make chocolate chip cookies. Hope you enjoy!

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

The Best Game Ever

cooltext1500875874.png cooltext1500878211.png cooltext1500879029.png

Black ops 2 is literally like every other shooting game but a lot better. It’s better because there are a lot of maps and modes like campaign, zombies and multiplayer. It also has score streak which reward you with gadgets to help defeat your opposition.

I like multiplayer the most because who can play with people online or if you don’t have internet then you can play with the bots which is the CPU (Central Processing Unit) in other words the xbox computer.

Score streak rewards are gadgets you can use against your opponents during the game.  To get score streak rewards you have to kill your enemies and the more you shoot the more points you collect.  With these points you can get different rewards to help defeat your opposition.  One thing is you have to choose your score streak reward before you begin your mission.
I mostly use care packages, lodestars sentry guns and A.G.R's (autonomous ground robot) in them. So if you collect them you can activate it. Lodestar is a plane that is loaded with missiles. You press the shoot button (RT) which launches a missile straight to your enemy you have targeted. Sentry gun is a gun that you place anywhere and whenever an enemy comes near it, it shoots them. Its very good at protecting. A.G.R is a little sentry gun but it moves around. Its just the same as sentry gun.

Another great reason why Black Ops 2 is if you have more than one controller you can play with two players on same console. Thats what I mostly do with my cousins and friends.

Playing Black Ops II is quite addictive and frustrating. Addictive because once you know how to play you want to just sit in the lounge and play all day and night. Also frustrating because you might keep dying and you can't get any score streak rewards.

Swimming Explanation

There are many styles of swimming such as freestyle, backstroke and breaststroke. But for beginners you have to learn the basics such as floating, breathing, kicking and arm strokes.

Do you know how to swim using freestyle?  Well freestyle is when lay in the water stomach down.  Using your feet to kick up and down while alternating your arms.  Your arms need to be stretched out and moving in a circular motion.This helps to keep you moving forward through the water. On the third arm stroke is when you tilt your head out of the water to breathe so that you can keep moving without stopping for air.

Another style of swimming is backstroke, this a little bit different to freestyle as you are swimming on your back instead of on your stomach. Also you don’t need to breathe as you are above the water not under. You need to have fast kicking legs while alternating your arms in circles to keep you moving through the water.

How would you do breaststroke? Breaststroke is one of the hardest styles to do because you go in and out of the water and it drains lots of energy. First you start with your arms you have to make sure that you arms are curved and penguin feet. Put your arms against your chest and your feet against your bottom. Push out your arms and feet simultaneously then curve them both back into position. After you push out thats your chance take a breathe of air.

For beginners you have to learn the basics such as practising how to float, kick and arm strokes. Most beginners start by using flutter boards (kicking boards) to help them float. The flutter boards are also helpful to learn how to kick and stroke your arms through the water.

In conclusion swimming has many different styles which include breaststroke, backstroke and freestyle. Out of the three swimming styles backstroke is the easiest as you don’t need to come up out of the water to breathe because you are swimming on your back.

Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Cops And Robbers

This is a game called Cops And Robbers. Your the cop and you have to put coordes to try to find the robber. It took me less than 4 guesses to find the robber can you find it less than 4 guesses.
Here's the link COPS AND ROBBERS.

Mega Mash Up (Pirates Vs Ancient Egyptians In A Haunted Museum

Mini Review:
Today my friend, Collin, and I were reading a book called Pirates vs Ancient Egyptians in a haunted museum. The book is about bloodthirsty Pirates and crazy Ancient Egyptians who break into a haunted museum and look for the priceless golden howler monkey. Who will find it first?