Sunday, 27 April 2014

Xtreme Entertainment!!!

Intro: Driving To Extreme Entertainment
“VRMMMMM!” My mum and I were off to Xtreme Entertainment at Wairau Valley. As we were driving there I was thinking about the megazone laser strike. Do you know what laser strike is?

Chapter 2: First Activity (Laser Strike)
As soon as we arrived we went upstairs to the laser strike. First I went to the megazone briefing room to know what the rules were and how to get points. The rules are no climbing, swearing, running and physical contact. How to get points is you shoot targets on the wall and shoot bases which are on every corner of the room and worth 2000 points. My first game I came 3rd, my 2nd game I came 4th, 3rd game I came first and my 4th game I came 1st again. I wanted to do another round of laser strike but my mother said, “Try something different son.”

Chapter 3: Next Activity (Bowling)
So I decided to do Ten Pin Bowling. When we were playing my mum got 1 strike and no spares and I got no strikes and 2 spares. A strike is when you knock down all the pins in one go. Spares are when you knock them all down with two bowls. I enjoyed the game that I wanted to play again. But instead we decided to play some arcade/video games.

Chapter 4: Last Activity (Arcade Games)
The first arcade game we played was Wheel Of Fortune. In this game you have to guess what the word is before the time runs out. My mum and I only won once. Next we, well I, played Bling King. In the machine it has small square containers that are worth 100 tickets. On my first two attempts I got one of the square boxes. I was surprised and purchased a ball with my tickets at the reception. My mum and I took a photo at the photo booth machine then went on a miniature motion master, which was wicked because it was like you are in the scene.

Xtreme Entertainment if you ask me it is a weird name as there is nothing extreme inside. For example a ninja warrior course. But at least it has cool stuff like laser strike, bowling and lots of amazing arcade games. I hope that I can return there to have my 11th birthday.

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