Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Swimming Explanation

There are many styles of swimming such as freestyle, backstroke and breaststroke. But for beginners you have to learn the basics such as floating, breathing, kicking and arm strokes.

Do you know how to swim using freestyle?  Well freestyle is when lay in the water stomach down.  Using your feet to kick up and down while alternating your arms.  Your arms need to be stretched out and moving in a circular motion.This helps to keep you moving forward through the water. On the third arm stroke is when you tilt your head out of the water to breathe so that you can keep moving without stopping for air.

Another style of swimming is backstroke, this a little bit different to freestyle as you are swimming on your back instead of on your stomach. Also you don’t need to breathe as you are above the water not under. You need to have fast kicking legs while alternating your arms in circles to keep you moving through the water.

How would you do breaststroke? Breaststroke is one of the hardest styles to do because you go in and out of the water and it drains lots of energy. First you start with your arms you have to make sure that you arms are curved and penguin feet. Put your arms against your chest and your feet against your bottom. Push out your arms and feet simultaneously then curve them both back into position. After you push out thats your chance take a breathe of air.

For beginners you have to learn the basics such as practising how to float, kick and arm strokes. Most beginners start by using flutter boards (kicking boards) to help them float. The flutter boards are also helpful to learn how to kick and stroke your arms through the water.

In conclusion swimming has many different styles which include breaststroke, backstroke and freestyle. Out of the three swimming styles backstroke is the easiest as you don’t need to come up out of the water to breathe because you are swimming on your back.

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