Tuesday, 22 April 2014

~Easter Show Recount~

It was the last night for the Easter Show, I begged my mum to go and she said, “Yes." So we got changed into warm clothes and zoomed off, Vrmmmmmm! But first, we collected two of my cuzzies named Kingston and Faith. When we arrived at the show Kingston and I headed towards the Flava stage.

“Salsa!” A man shouted into the microphone. It was the Banda Latina Salsa Group. “Arribaaaa!” The salsa group picked some people from the audience and danced with them. My cousin Kingston spotted this guy dancing hard out by himself. We started laughing because we thought he wanted to dance with one of the Congo girls. Next up was the Royal Family.

The Royal Family are world famous dance groups such as bubblegum (junior), sorority (Varsity), misfits (Adults) and request (Adults) joined together as one. Their movements were  good but they had too much twerking songs. Also there dance moves were not the best because they were mostly girly and not the best choreography i've seen from them. But one of their dance sets was awesome it had two rows of six dancers. The back row were controlling the front row. They were making them pop, lock and drop in time with the music.

After the Royal family had finished their dance routine, fire dancers came out from the stage. I wondered what they were holding, it looked like a giant ear bud with fire on each end. While they were dancing I got startled when I heard an explosion. “Boom, Boom!” I gazed up at the sky and saw a cluster of exploding rainbow colours. I stood still in amazment watching the colours disappear into the darkness. After a few moments of silence I thought it was time to go home, but the organisers said, “An hour left to check out the rest of the show.”

So my family and I walked around looking at the other attractions. There were lots of activities such as Mahons Amusement carnival rides, Zirka Circus, farm world, art world and the superfly slide. I really wanted to do the superfly slide but unfortunately I didn't have a change of clothes

My favorite thing was spending time with my family watching the fireworks display. Next years Easter Show I hope to do the superfly slide and to watch the zirka circus.

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