Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Acrostic poem about Mahurangi

Magical like the Museum.
Amazing like Rainbows End.
Hissing like a slithery snake
Unique as an important place.
Relaxing as a swimming pool.
Attractive like a pretty lady.
Nestling like in a comfy  bed.
Gentle as a baby's touch.
Interesting like MOTAT.

Monday, 28 January 2013

Experiencing Minigolf

Have you been to Lilliputt Minigolf before?
Well I have and it is so incredible as it is Aucklands first original 18 hole Minigolf course.

One energetic afternoon my mum and I went to Minigolf . When we arrived we had to go to the reception and pay for a round of golf. After         paying I got a golf club, a golf ball and a score card.

After that I walked briskly straight to the beginning of the golf course. At first I was feeling confident but then my confidence dissovled away as I struggled to putt the ball in the first hole."I can do it''. I whispered multiple times. 

When I attempted to putt the ball again it was a perfect shot and I almost got a hole in one. I was focused and confident after that shot. I whizzed through the rest of course. 

After completing the course I begged my mum '' Can I play another round please?'' ''Alright''. She said, so I eagerly started again. Minigolf was a great experience as I enjoyed the challenging obstacles.

Sunday, 20 January 2013

Indoor Rock Climbing

"What did you just say, indoor rock climbing?" I said strangely to my Aunty.  "Haven't you been there before?" questioning me.  "No"

As we arrived at rock climbing I was filled with fear because the height of the climbing walls was extremely high.

What we did was we had to get a harness and put it on.  There were trained professionals that taught us how to clip ourselves in securely so that we could climb independently.

My first attempt at climbing was on the King Kong tower.  I scaled up very cautiously so that I wouldn't fall off before I completed the wall.  When I reached the top I looked around me and I saw an insane view of diverse climbing themed walls.

Indoor rock climbing was a terrific experience for me because I was able to have a good time while improving my athletism.

Monday, 14 January 2013

Dining in at Fortuna

What have you been doing in the holidays? You won't believe where I went for Sunday lunch. I went to a luxurious restaurant named Fortuna with my nana and mum.

Fortuna is in a magical and popular building called Skycity. It is a buffet restaurant with a variety of scrumptious dishes. These dishes include seafood,salads,lamb,desserts,fruits and drinks. My favourite pick is prawns with garlic bread.

While we were going to have lunch I said to my mum" wow there is not a cue, that's great and unusual." Lucky for us we didn't have to wait in an enormous line starving.

As soon as we walked through, there was a spectacular view infront of us.  We could see the waterfront and Rangitoto Island.

After looking at the view, we went to the buffet table and servered our food.  "Wowzaz! this is what you call a real lunch" I said cheerfully. I had prawns with garlic bread, chicken carbonara with fish cakes,  champagne ham and roast vegetables - YUM!
Overall, dining in at Fortuna was a fantastic experience.

Thursday, 10 January 2013

Going to the fun fest

Have you been to fun fest before? 
On a flaming hot day I went to the fun fest, with my 3 cousins,Uncle, Aunty and my mum. Fun fest is a place similar to Rainbows End but more incredible as you can go through for free. 

This place has alot of rides that are thrilling, chilling and super magical. My favourite ride is the crazy circus. Only stink thing is waiting in a huge que bored. 

There were free give aways, dancing competitions and people singing in a karaoke. Also there was a treasure hunt which I did with my cousin and friend. It was very very difficult and challenging  searching for tokens in a gigantic sandpit.
Unfortunately we couldn't find any.

Overall I had a awesome time at the fun fest.

Signs of the world ending

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