Monday, 28 January 2013

Experiencing Minigolf

Have you been to Lilliputt Minigolf before?
Well I have and it is so incredible as it is Aucklands first original 18 hole Minigolf course.

One energetic afternoon my mum and I went to Minigolf . When we arrived we had to go to the reception and pay for a round of golf. After         paying I got a golf club, a golf ball and a score card.

After that I walked briskly straight to the beginning of the golf course. At first I was feeling confident but then my confidence dissovled away as I struggled to putt the ball in the first hole."I can do it''. I whispered multiple times. 

When I attempted to putt the ball again it was a perfect shot and I almost got a hole in one. I was focused and confident after that shot. I whizzed through the rest of course. 

After completing the course I begged my mum '' Can I play another round please?'' ''Alright''. She said, so I eagerly started again. Minigolf was a great experience as I enjoyed the challenging obstacles.

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  1. yes your mum told me how many times you went to this place haha you must have mastered the holes by now? you know i have driven past this place countless times and have yet to visit it! i love your pictures and it makes want to go like right now hehe thanks Stevenson for your awesome experiences in the holidays.