Sunday, 20 January 2013

Indoor Rock Climbing

"What did you just say, indoor rock climbing?" I said strangely to my Aunty.  "Haven't you been there before?" questioning me.  "No"

As we arrived at rock climbing I was filled with fear because the height of the climbing walls was extremely high.

What we did was we had to get a harness and put it on.  There were trained professionals that taught us how to clip ourselves in securely so that we could climb independently.

My first attempt at climbing was on the King Kong tower.  I scaled up very cautiously so that I wouldn't fall off before I completed the wall.  When I reached the top I looked around me and I saw an insane view of diverse climbing themed walls.

Indoor rock climbing was a terrific experience for me because I was able to have a good time while improving my athletism.


  1. Aloha Stevenson, you are getting off to a wonderful start to 2013 with your entertaining blog posts. I love the way you are hooking your readers with interesting sentences. And I am impressed by the cool activities you are getting to do these holidays.

    Keep sharing

    Mrs Burt

    1. Fakalofa lahi atu Mrs.Burt thank you for commenting on my blog.


  2. Fakalofa lahi atu Stevenson. I might have to try this place one day it looks like a thrill seeker place arghhhh is what i'd probably be doing if i was to climb one of those walls hehe great work Stevenson!

  3. Hi steve,

    I hope you had heeps of fun in indoor rockliming .