Thursday, 10 January 2013

Going to the fun fest

Have you been to fun fest before? 
On a flaming hot day I went to the fun fest, with my 3 cousins,Uncle, Aunty and my mum. Fun fest is a place similar to Rainbows End but more incredible as you can go through for free. 

This place has alot of rides that are thrilling, chilling and super magical. My favourite ride is the crazy circus. Only stink thing is waiting in a huge que bored. 

There were free give aways, dancing competitions and people singing in a karaoke. Also there was a treasure hunt which I did with my cousin and friend. It was very very difficult and challenging  searching for tokens in a gigantic sandpit.
Unfortunately we couldn't find any.

Overall I had a awesome time at the fun fest.

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  1. Hi Stevenson

    We went along to Fun Fest too after your Mum told us all about it. The twins enjoyed the free toys, atmosphere, games and music. Too bad they were too young to go on any of the rides, which was just as well since the queues were so long! Thanks for posting.

    Love from aunty Sandy x