Sunday, 30 March 2014

Camp Recount

Two days before camp, only for year 5’s and 6’s, the teachers divided everybody into six groups. The teams were Manaaki, Caretakers, Care Bears, Care Squad, Caring and the All Stars. We camp on our school grounds and stay there for 3 days and 2 nights. During camp we do lots of activities such as cooking, kayaking, top town, get lost, rollerblading and a concert on the last night (Thursday).

Two days past and I knew what that meant, it meant that it was the beginning of camp. “WOOHOO!!” I was so excited because I got selected to be a leader for Manaaki. My bags were packed and I was ready to start my second experience on camp. When we arrived at school there were heaps of people already there. I waved to my friends and walked straight to the hall to take my bags there. “BRRRRRRRRRRING!” That was the second bell. The teachers sent us to our activities and our first activity was rollerblading.

Rollerblading is very easy for me because I use to rollerblade at home all the time. All you need to do is keep your balance and glide side to side but not to far out because you will do the splits and it hurts. I went speeding across the breeze, hall, outside, I basically rid everywhere. The siren went and I was interested to see which activity we were doing next. I wanted to do get lost because that is the best game. All the teams went to this big as tent which the teachers called the Marke and got sent to the next rotation.

Sure enough we did get lost for our next activity. Get lost is exactly like the amazing race. You have to find yellow or red stickers on walls. It was so confusing because there were difficult challenges like building Humpty Dumpty together again and taking him to the Tusitala room and looking for other challenges from clues. During the game we had to do gangnam style, sing the national anthem, dress into outrageous costumes and get our faces painted. The siren went off again and my team were so happy as we completed every single task.

Camp was awesome. I felt very happy inside and out throughout camp. The thing that I loved the most at camp was Get lost because it had heaps of challenges and tough clues that we had too inference out. I hope next time for camp... wait there won’t be a next time because I will be a Year 7 next year, but I still have my Camp Bentzon coming up this year in term 4, yaye!

KEAS: Using Speech Marks Correctly

Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Grid References

Grid References

  1. What is the grid reference of the ∞ ? A2
  2. What is the grid reference of the * ? D4
  3. What is the grid reference of the Δ? B3
  4. What is the grid reference of the Circle? B5
  5. What is the grid reference of the Love Heart? A4
  6. What is the grid reference of the Smiley Face? C3
  7. What is the grid reference of the Cloud? E5
  8. What is the grid reference of the Sun? E3
  9. What is the grid reference of the Lightning Bolt? C1


Directions to My House From Pt England School:
1. Head West on Pt England rd.
2. At the roundabout, take the 1st exit onto Elstree Ave.
3. Stay on Elstree untill you come to a roundabout.
4. Then take the 1st exit on Taniwha St.
5. Turn right (East) onto Farringdon St
6. Then turn left (WEST) on line rd and take a right turn onto Merfield St
7. Go pass 12 houses and my one will be the next one after. (Destinasion on Left)

Directions to TC (Tamaki College) From Pt England Rd:
1. Head west on Pt England rd
2. At the roundabout turn right (East) onto Elstree Ave
3. Keep going straight through the 2nd roundabout and Tamaki College will be on you right.

Saturday, 22 March 2014

Maths Whizz Rank 1 In The Whole World

Screenshot 2014-03-22 at 1.37.35 PM.png

"Hooray I have finally did it!” For the past week I have been going hardcore on maths whizz and it definitely paid off. I am coming first in the whole school. Never in my life did I imagine I would be able to be come first in the school. Not only I am coming first in the Pt. England i'm also ranked 1st in the world. WOW! Never in my life did I imagine I would be able to be come first in the world as so many students use maths whizz.

Friday, 14 March 2014

Butterfly Life Cycle

Ever wondered how the butterfly life cycle goes? Well first the monarch butterfly plants a tiny egg on the underside of a swan plant. After a few days the egg starts squirming that means it is ready to hatch. It comes out as a caterpillar. First it chews a hole and the hole gradually widens. When it comes out it is only 2 millimetres long. This is called Larvae.

The caterpillar eats its shell then goes to find milkweed leaves to eat. The caterpillar begins pupation. It is motionless for 1 and a half weeks. Inside the pupa also known as the chrysalis the monarch is transforming from a caterpillar to a butterfly.

When the process has finished, the butterfly is ready to come out of the chrysalis. Their wings take a couple of hours for the fluid to expand them to their full size. The monarch finds nectar from flowers and the life cycle starts again.

Tuesday, 11 March 2014

The Birds Nest

The Bird Nest
Tom woke up and turned on the lamp. He pushed the sheet and Woollen rugs off himself and staggered to the Window, which was partly open. He looked up to see a full moon and there, in the moonlight, sitting on a nest in a massive gum tree, was a mother bird and her noisy baby chicks. The nest, made from twigs, straw, wool and dead grass, was swaying wildly from side to side. As it did so, the mother bird tried to calm her frightened young ones by chirping softly to them.
1. Write the Words which tell us that it was cold.
He pushed the sheet and Woollen rugs off himself and staggered to the Window, which was partly open.
2. Write the word which tells us that the birds lived in a large tree.
sitting on a nest in a massive gum tree, was a mother bird and her noisy baby chicks
3. The nest was made from wool, twigs, wood and dead grass True OR False?
4. Write the word from the story which tells us the noise that birds make.
5. Write the word from the story which tells us that Tom was not fully awake when he went to the window.
6. Why were the baby chicks noisy?
because the nest was nearly going to blow of the tree
7. Was it Windy outside Tom's house?
8. How do you know?
because it says "The nest, made from twigs, straw, wool and dead grass, was swaying wildly from side to side"
9. It was very dark when Tom looked out the window True OR False? True
10. What were Tom‘s rugs made from?
11. Tom had to get out of bed to turn on his lamp True OR False?

Monday, 10 March 2014

Friends (Writing Test)

Do you know what a good friend is? A good friend is someone who is trustworthy and kind. Also someone who protects you to keep you safe.

Have you ever wondered what friendship is? Well friendship is the emotions or conduct of being friends. Also an attachment to a friend, friendship is also when you meet people somewhere and somehow and you become friends. Friendship is kind of a relationship.

How do you be a good friend? Being a good friend is when you cheer people up when they are sad, encourage people into doing things and play with them. Also you can do the three P’s, Protecting them by keeping them safe, Participate in sports with them and be their partner in class work.

Where and how do you get friends? You can gets friends anywhere such as church, sports clubs, musical lessons etc. These people will be a good friend as the have the same interest as you and if you want to have a good friend you have to respect them and they will do the same back. This means it is meutral.

In conclusion, you can find friends anytime, any place and anywhere. You can be a good friend by doing the three P’s protecting them, participate with them and partner


Have you ever been bullied in your life, well here is a new solution and it is called WITS. WITS stands for walking away, ignoring it, talk about it, and last but not least seek help.

This is the first step to using your WITS which is walking away. Walking away is to be used in a situation when people are making trouble.  “Would you follow them or would you walk away?”

The next step is ignoring. You can use this if people seem to tease you, could always ignore them instead of causing a fight. If I was in this situation I would have to walk away and ignore it, wouldn’t you?

What comes after Ignoring is talk about it. It is when discussing  things with your friends.  It could help you with your problems. And also if you and  your friend disagreed with each other this could always help.   

When it gets to hard you can seek help by getting a teacher or a trusted adult. Tell them whoever has been bullying you and it could sometimes teach the person a lesson and it will make you have a better time.

Using your WITS helps you in your future as you won’t end up in a fight or hurt. Remember  to use your WITS, and always use them in bad situation. USE YOUR WITS!

Saturday, 8 March 2014

Pacifika 2014

Here is a movie I created from my experience of Pacifika 2014. Pacifika is a celebration of pacific cultures and is celebrated every year. This event has been going for 22 years, WOW! It was held at Western Springs park. There were 100 stalls, 1,000 performers and 11 stages. My favourite stage was Niue because they were giving away lots of prizes such as crayfish, t-shirts, hats and more.  Hope you enjoy my movie!

Stevenson Pacifika 2014 from Team 4 Pes on Vimeo.

Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Contact Lenses?

Today instead of going to school I went to my appointment to try out some contact lenses. It was  at the optometry clinic at the University of Auckland. The reason I wanted to get contacts was that my League season was coming up and I couldn’t wear my glasses. It was my first time trying contact lenses and I was so excited and nervous at the same time.

When we arrived we waited in the reception area for the optometrist to come and get us. Five minutes past and he came and got us. First thing he did was he gave me an eye examination to see what size eye contacts I was. Then he got some contact lenses and put them on the surface of my eyes. It felt weird because everything was clear and I didn’t have to wear classes, eventually I got used to it.

After that I had the chance to put the contact lenses in my eyes myself. Putting them in myself was pretty hard it took lots of practise before it became easier and easier to put them in. Lucky I was taught by a professional.

Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Camp Is One Week Away!

Screenshot 2014-03-04 at 10.01.56 AM.png
Camp is one week away and I can’t wait. The camp is only for the Year 5 & 6’s and from my experience last year I'm so excited. In camp we do lots of activities such as kayaking, swimming at mangere pools and many more. Before we go to camp we get into groups which our teachers pick and then our leaders for our team pick out a song. Whatever song they pick out we practise a dance then we perform it at the concert. Also we get awesome breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Monday, 3 March 2014

Statistical Investigation

I have been looking at the highest and lowest humidity on the 23rd of Feb in the morning.

When I finished collecting my data I created a Graph Template and put my data into it. I found out that the highest humidity was 78 and the lowest was 65. I conclude that when the sun has risen the humidity will drop lower.

I think the graph at the top is the clearest graph to read because it shows the time and how high the humidity was.