Monday, 10 March 2014

Friends (Writing Test)

Do you know what a good friend is? A good friend is someone who is trustworthy and kind. Also someone who protects you to keep you safe.

Have you ever wondered what friendship is? Well friendship is the emotions or conduct of being friends. Also an attachment to a friend, friendship is also when you meet people somewhere and somehow and you become friends. Friendship is kind of a relationship.

How do you be a good friend? Being a good friend is when you cheer people up when they are sad, encourage people into doing things and play with them. Also you can do the three P’s, Protecting them by keeping them safe, Participate in sports with them and be their partner in class work.

Where and how do you get friends? You can gets friends anywhere such as church, sports clubs, musical lessons etc. These people will be a good friend as the have the same interest as you and if you want to have a good friend you have to respect them and they will do the same back. This means it is meutral.

In conclusion, you can find friends anytime, any place and anywhere. You can be a good friend by doing the three P’s protecting them, participate with them and partner

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