Thursday, 26 January 2017

SLJ 2017 W4:D20

Activity 1:
If I could eat anything when I came back from England I would ask for

- butter chicken with some naan bread
- steak and mushroom sauce with some potatoes and beans
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For dessert I would ask for:
- strawberry pavlova
Activity 2:
I learnt that the UK doesn’t have a national day, only public holidays . They are usually called “bank holidays” because all banks close on these days. This is the time where British love to connect with family and friends. British people often go out to watch horse or greyhound racing, maybe watch a game of football (soccer) or rugby.

Another thing I learnt about England was in 2011 there population was 53.2 million and increasing. So now they should have about 60 million people in their country.
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Bonus Activity:
Hello my name is Stevenson!
I've recently come back from my trip to England and I had an amazing experience. Some amazing buildings I saw were the Big Ben Tower (largest clock tower in UK), Buckingham Palace (home of the royal family) and the ancient circles (stonehenge). I even got to meet Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Williams! The kind of food there was delicious. For breakfast we had like a fry up. It's a mix of eggs, bacon, toast, baked beans and some other ingredients. For lunch we had pies and for dinner we had fish & chips. (totally different taste and texture to our local fish and chips).  I even got to visit the national zoo, which had all sorts of exotic animals such as the asian elephants and sunda garhial (mean looking crocodile).  My advice to all of you will be go to England its awesome.

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  1. Stevenson!!

    Congratulations on finishing the Summer Learning Journey programme. You have come on so strong and finished up in record time. Well done.

    I really appreciate your inclusion of 'image attribution' information in your blogs. Your teachers at St Kent's will be really pleased to see that you've adopted this habit and I'm sure that your teachers at Pt England will be so pleased to see you blogging over the break. It's always a genuine treat to have you involved in the programme. You are one of a very small number of students who has been a three-time 'learning journey' participant and you've made my job so much fun.

    Thank you.

    Good luck at St Kent's! I'll be in touch once I've counted up the points and created the certificates/gift packs. We'll find a time and place to meet up so that I can bring your SLJ items.

    Have fun in Rotorua!


    1. Hey Rachel!

      It's a sigh of relief finishing of the Summer Learning Journey! I'm proud to be one of the three-time "learning journey" participants.

      Thanks for the luck!

    2. :-)

      How was the tournament in Rotorua? How did you guys do?

  2. Hi Stevenson!

    I just wanted to stop by one more time and wish you all the very best this coming year. I know you've worked so hard on the Summer Learning Journey and Rachel and I are so impressed with your efforts. You have shown yourself to be really capable of directing your own learning and your hard working attitude is to be commended.

    Keep up the great work and I hope this year will be full of interesting challenges you can face head on.

    Kia kaha


  3. Hi Stevenson,

    Congratulations on placing first in the Summer Learning Journey blogging programme this past holiday. You were a blogging star! I will drop off your prize pack very soon.

    Hope things at St Kent's are going well...