Wednesday, 11 January 2017

SLJ 2017 W1:D3

Activity 1:
To keep safe in an airplane you must:
  • Fasten your seatbelt
  • Store loose items up in the lockers or underneath the seat in front.
  • Switch all your devices on Airplane Mode the whole flight until you exit the plane.

Image result for phone turned on airplane mode

Activity 2:
My airline would be called “Stevey Airline’s”
The colours in this logo represents the different continents, countries, cities that Stevey Airline’s fly to.

Bonus Activity:

Australia = 864.810 dollars
Japan = 1,788.36 dollars
Malaysia =  2,300.30 dollars
United Arab Emirates  = 2,817.32 dollars
South Africa = 2,787.52 dollars
Germany = 3,262.97 dollars
England = 2,579.69 dollars
Chile = 3,364.476 dollars
Mexico = 6,358.40 dollars
Canada = 2,217.30 dollars

A flight to Chile would be the most expensive as it costs 3,364.476 dollars. The least most expensive flight would be to Australia as it is not far from New Zealand… it is only  864.810 dollars.

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  1. Hi Stevenson,

    Once again, you've done a lovely job with this blog post. I really like the pictures! Where did you find the image of all of the different currencies? I even see a New Zealand $5 note in the pile!

    I really love the logo that you created as well. I think that your idea to use colours to represent the various countries and continents is very original. It would be cool if you were able to upload a key that told us which colour represented which country/continent. Did you make a specific plan?

    I hope that you didn't run into any more trouble with the websites. We have been having issues with Wordle but a sister website (Tagul) appears to be working so we've been using that one, instead.

    Lovely job Stevenson - the currency conversion was nicely done. It is incredibly expensive to travel to Chile, isn't it? One of my good friends is living in Chile at the moment and she loves it there. I would like to go and visit but I need to save up my pennies first!

    Take care!

    Rachel :)

    1. Hello Rachel,

      I was just searching through Google Images and happened to come across this photo. Yes you can see tiny bit of the NZ $5 note and also a $2 note!?

      I did not make a specific plan. I just used the different colours to represent the different countries/continents. That's a pretty cool idea that I would use though.


  2. Hi Stevenson!

    Wow you are doing a great job! I am really enjoying your answers and am very proud to see a student putting in such an effort - just like Rachel says.

    I hope you're enjoying the SLJ too and am looking forward to your other blogs.