Tuesday, 24 January 2017

SLJ 2017 W3:D14

Activity 1:
If I were Prime Minister my three rules would be:
(1) Provide free devices for College Students.
(2) Every year residents get to stay in a house for a week free! So they can get money sorted to pay bills.
(3) Build more parks or buildings like Te Oro (Music and Arts Centre in G.I.) for children around the community.
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Activity 2:
Three Facts About Hillary Clinton:
- Has two brothers Hugh (66) and Tony (62)
- Sports she did was swimming and baseball as a teenager
- Was born in Chicago
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Bonus Activity:
I would not want to be prime minister as I would have too much responsibilities. Some things would be:
- sorting out taxes
- solving complaints
- making the country a better place
- keeping citizens happy and giving them what they want

Prime Minister would be a hard job to control because 1. It’s a big responsibility and 2. Have so much work to do and no time to spend with family and friends. I think that is why John Key resigned.

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  1. Hi Stevenson,

    This is a really thoughtful and considered post. Well done. I particularly like the way that you presented your thoughts in Activity #1 and in the bonus activity. You had clearly thought about the questions carefully. Like you, I would rather not be the prime minister as it is a huge responsibility. I am quite certain that John Key did resign as PM because he simply grew too weary to do the job well and felt that he needed to spend more time with his family. I doubt that he saw much of them over the preceding seven years. He always seemed to be traveling and/or attending to issues in New Zealand that required his full attention.

    I hope that Bill English doesn't struggle too much with the rigours and responsibilities of his new role as PM. I wonder if he would consider enacting any of your proposed laws (rules). I think that he might consider #3. The government has actively supported the development of new parks and community centres in the past. Fingers crossed!

    Thanks for a great blog post, Stevenson. When you do your next one, can you please remember to include a link to the original source of your pictures? That way we know where you found them and can go and look through the site ourselves (if we wish to). I know that your teachers at St Kents will expect you to do this. It's called 'image attribution.'

    Rachel :)