Tuesday, 24 January 2017

SLJ 2017 W3:D13

Activity 1:
#1 Sorry
Catchy song. Royal Family (NZ dance group) featured in the music video

#2 Love Yourself
Good dancing but not really catchy. (Break up song)

#3 Baby
The song is just too old!
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Activity 2:
I would invite Bruno Mars and Drake!
Peter Gene Hernandez a.k.a Bruno Mars was born in Honolulu, Hawaii… 8 October 1985. He is a 31 year old singer, songwriter, record producer and choreography. Mars has made 36 songs including his recent hit 24K Magic who stayed at top spot for 4 weeks. His genres in music is mixed with R&B, funk, pop and soul. Some influences were Elvis Presley, Prince and Michael Jackson.

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Aubrey Drake Graham a.k.a Drake was born in Toronto, Canada 24 October 1986. He is a 30 year old singer, songwriter, record producer and actor. Drake has made 32 including his top hits Hotline Bling, One Dance and Fake Love. His genres in music is hip hop and R&B. Some influences for him were Kayne West, Jay Z, Lil Wayne, Aaliyah & Usher.

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  1. They were the top British music group in their day
  2. They had the top selling records for years

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  1. Nice choices, Stevenson! I also love Bruno Mars and Drake. A number of my friends are huge Drake fans because he was born and raised in Canada. He actually grew up not far from where my mom grew up. It's a small world, isn't it?!

    I really like that both artists write most of their own music and that they usually tour their new albums. It's nice to see them perform their music to a live studio audience. Do you enjoy going to concerts or watching live streams of festivals? I am actually planning to go to the WOMAD festival this year. It's in New Plymouth and there is a ska band coming from the UK that my partner (Andy) loves. They are called the 'Specials.'

    You can check them out on Youtube here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AmkMEoVb6rA

    Nice work with your blog. I like the in-depth descriptions that you provided of Drake and Bruno's backgrounds along with your rationale for the choice of Justin Bieber songs. A number of people also chose 'Sorry' as their #1 song. It is my #1 as well because it is choreographed by a New Zealander from South Auckland named Parris Goebel. She's really making a name for herself in Hollywood. Cool 'eh?!

    Rachel :)