Tuesday, 15 April 2014

The Best Game Ever

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Black ops 2 is literally like every other shooting game but a lot better. It’s better because there are a lot of maps and modes like campaign, zombies and multiplayer. It also has score streak which reward you with gadgets to help defeat your opposition.

I like multiplayer the most because who can play with people online or if you don’t have internet then you can play with the bots which is the CPU (Central Processing Unit) in other words the xbox computer.

Score streak rewards are gadgets you can use against your opponents during the game.  To get score streak rewards you have to kill your enemies and the more you shoot the more points you collect.  With these points you can get different rewards to help defeat your opposition.  One thing is you have to choose your score streak reward before you begin your mission.
I mostly use care packages, lodestars sentry guns and A.G.R's (autonomous ground robot) in them. So if you collect them you can activate it. Lodestar is a plane that is loaded with missiles. You press the shoot button (RT) which launches a missile straight to your enemy you have targeted. Sentry gun is a gun that you place anywhere and whenever an enemy comes near it, it shoots them. Its very good at protecting. A.G.R is a little sentry gun but it moves around. Its just the same as sentry gun.

Another great reason why Black Ops 2 is if you have more than one controller you can play with two players on same console. Thats what I mostly do with my cousins and friends.

Playing Black Ops II is quite addictive and frustrating. Addictive because once you know how to play you want to just sit in the lounge and play all day and night. Also frustrating because you might keep dying and you can't get any score streak rewards.

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