Friday, 18 October 2013

Playing Games With My Uncle And Cousin On The Last Day Of The Holiday

One windy afternoon I went over to my uncle’s house next door at 12:00 and played Halo 4. Its a shooting game where there are two teams, red and blue, and you have to try find and kill them. We played until 2:00 and then we drove to JB-HIFI, in Sylvia park, to go buy Black Ops 2.

When we arrived at Sylvia Park my cousin and I played the games on the Ipads while my uncle went and looked for Black Ops 2 to play at his house. He brought the game and told to us, “Let’s go now I've got the game.” we drove back to the house.

We got to his house and straight away played Black Ops. Black Ops is the same as Halo except when you do matchmaking (Playing with other people online) it is faster than ever you can’t even have a break to have lunch and a snack. Also Black Ops have more guns than Halo and Black Ops is just better.

My uncle, cousin and I played until 5:00 then went to Manukau to drop off my uncle’s karate fee’s. Then we drove back to my uncle’s house and I went back home next door had dinner and had a deep sleep until I woke up for school.

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