Saturday, 26 October 2013

Ariana's Birthday

“Yay,” Promise and I screamed excitedly when we arrived at my cousins 3rd birthday party. The theme for the party was pirates and fairies. Obviously we dressed up as Captains from Gold Island.

Promise and I  played with the balloons until everyone had arrived. When all the guests were here we started to play games. Such as pass the parcel, on the ship off the ship and musical statues.

The first game we played was pass the parcel. In the game you have to pass the parcel when the music is on. When it stops then you unwrap one piece of paper. Promise and I got a lollipop. The winner of the game (person who unwrapped the last paper) got a new coloring pack.

My favorite game was off the ship on the ship. Its a game where players start on one side of a line, then the MC says “off the ship or on the ship” then players jump on the other side of the line. This was my favorite game because I won.

After the games we ate some scrumptious food. I had jelly, chicken chips, pork and all sorts of other delicious food.
Going to Ariana’s birthday was so awesome. I loved it because of all the delicious food and fun games. Happy birthday Ari! I can’t wait for next years party.

This is a story that I created with my friend Promise.

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