Sunday, 1 March 2015

Holiday Highlights & Lowlight

HOLIDAY HIGHLIGHT 1: Trans Tasman Trip

One of my favourite holiday highlights has got to be my Trans Tasman trip to Australia! We did lots of spectacular activities that I can list but here are a few. The kiwi day out where an Australian athlete (Robbie) took me out to extreme jump where we jumped on a cluster of trampolines that were even on the walls. He also took me for a swim at the olympic pool where the 2000 Sydney olympics was held. Another fantastic activity was travelling to Mac Arthurs shopping centre where I played arcade games and bowling with my friends. And eating delicious food such as Australian oporto burgers. However the most breath-taking experience was at Jamberoo Adventure Park where I dive-bombed off rocks like an albatross, sliding down the twisty and turny pitch black tunnel and getting engulfed by the forceful waves.

HOLIDAY HIGHLIGHT 2: Celebrating Christmas

My second holiday highlight was celebrating Christmas with my family. This event took place at my aunt's house. We had scrumptious food which included a lamb spit, prawns, kebabs and heaps more. Each household performed items. The best performance was obviously my group as the crowd was cheering loudest for us. Awesome presents & games were included and the one that stood out for me was the water games.

HOLIDAY HIGHLIGHT 3:  Tag 20 Pacific Cup Challenge

It was a scorching hot day when 7 pacific nations including Niue, competed in the Tag 20 Pacific Cup challenge. This event was held at Bay Roskill Club earlier this year. I was there representing my homeland Niue (The Rock Of Polynesia!). We started with marching, following prayers and speeches from each country. After this the fun began. We roughly played 7 games and placed 4th overall in the under 12s section.


Fortunately I only had one holiday lowlight which was going to the Chinese Lantern Festival as there were way too much people, very limited food and really, really, really BAD ROCK MUSIC! It was definitely not what I expected.

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