Monday, 23 March 2015

Polyfest 2015

Pt. England School has made history for the first time ever. Your probably heard of Polyfest, right? Well if you haven’t Polyfest is a Polynesian festival that has 20 different cultures that perform on 6 stages. This is an annual event held at Manukau Sports Velodrome.
As the year 7s and 8s piled up on four buses and travelled towards the Polyfest. Each class had a bus each except for Mrs. Moala's class so her class split up. It was the 40th anniversary for Polyfest and we got to do lots of different and awesome activities.
The first stall we visited was Glo Bug. They are an electrical company which supplies pre-paid electricity to homes. The stall assistant told us students to only shower for 4 minutes to save power. She gave us a 4 minute hourglass to use every time we have a shower.
Next my group went to the ASB tennis area where we tried to hit tennis balls as fast as we could. I got to have three turns and my fastest speed was 102km/ph.
After the tennis experience my group went to the AUT, (Auckland University Of Technology), marque. Here we watched videos of gaming engineers and 3D designers. The AUT staff member gave us an example of what a 3D printer can create. My favourite design was the AUT emblem that was shaped like a globe. From this stall I received an AUT bottle, bag and selfie with the crew.
Polyfest was an awesome experience but what would’ve made it better was if we got to watch the pacific stages perform and taste some of the delicious food there. Thank you Mrs. Tele’a for organising this trip for the intermediate block... I look forward to returning back to this event next year!

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