Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Video Conference With Hawaii

This morning the Year 7&8 extension class had a video conference with two schools named Keau and Nanakuli Elementary School in Hawaii. Our extension class showed them our presentation about our native animals and showing them how we roll here at Pt. England. Brynn (a teacher in Hawaii) showed us her classes (Keau) presentation. Kai another Hawaiian teacher said that the teachers at his school (Nanakuli) teach their students all ciriculum subjects in Hawaiian Language.

In Hawaii there native animals are Nenes, Monks, Seals, Apapanes, Honus, I’iwis, Amakihis, Happy Face Spiders and many more. You see that photo on the right? Well that is the fire goddess which they name Pele. According to what Brynn was saying... Pele (Lava) has claimed lots of homes which has forced families to relocate in different houses.

Malama Honua will be sailing a shore at our Pt. England grounds. The Manaiakalani schools (2,500 students) will meet this crew and sing a waiata (He Honore and Nga Waka) and a chant (E Oho).

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