Friday, 12 September 2014

Kids Learn With Ipads

Kids Learn With Ipads
Year one students from Pt.England School get the chance to learn on Ipads.

Para 1:
Why do kids have Ipads, What's the cost?
Other schools don't have what the little kids have at Pt. England, year one students have their individual Ipad to learn with. The ipads are 7.9 inches and they cost $450 each. Kids learn with Ipads because they get the chance to learn on technology at such a little age. Juliana, (Learner With Ipad) says, “I like my Ipad because I can work and learn, create and share.”
Para 2:
What kind of apps do the kids use?
The only app they use is explain everything, so all of their work is created and sent to explain everything and they use nothing else except that. Mrs George (Year 1 Teacher) said that explain everything gives them the chance to either create their own activity or an already created activity. Holly, (Another Learner With Ipad), said that she has to put the exact same sentence from the book onto the page on explain everything. They are learning very well..

People think that the year one’s write with their finger, but actually they have styluses instead. Styluses are literally just pens but with no ink inside them.. The kids at Mrs Georges class didn’t know what they were for, they thought they were pens.

What's Next?

It won't be long till all the juniors will learn with an Ipad.

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