Monday, 1 September 2014


“Yes! It is west wave pool day!” I shouted with excitement. Straight away I jumped out of bed and woke my mum up. “Mum! Wave pools today, wave pools today!” She woke up startled, shouting at me, “The waves pools aren't till 9pm not 9am." “What?” I replied confused. I thought they were from 6-12. “Go have a rest because we will be picking up Maata, Zane and Collin to go get a feed at 7.” “Ok.” I said sadly then went back to sleep.

“Yawn!” I get up and walk to the kitchen and GUESS WHAT TIME IT IS?” It is already 6:30pm and I'm still in my pj’s! I haven’t even organized what i’m going to swim in yet. I quickly sprint to my room. I put my swim gear underneath my casual clothes, wash my face put on moisturizer and put on my special wacky hair gel like the worlds going to end. In an instant I thought it was 7 but actually it is only 6:40pm. “Lets go, we are going to be late!” I yell to my mum from the hallway and she runs out like theres a bomb in her room. We sprinted outside to her car and zoomed off. “Vrmmmm!”

First stop was Collin’s house and he was watching tv with his sister with his bag packed. I told him lets go,  so he did. He said bye to his family and entered our car then we drove off to Zane’s house. “BEEP!” My mum’s horn went. I opened the door to Zane’s house and there they were just about to exit. We were both surprised. I walked back to the car with Zane while his mum Maata went around to the passenger door/seat. When Zane came in the car he got a big surprise. "RAAHH!" It was Collin. Zane turned around and shouted, "AHHH!" Like he was going to die. After having a laugh I saw the time 7:20 so I knew we would make it there in time. To make a long story short we (The Boys and Mums) had a big feed at Burger King or what we like to call BK and drove off to Mt. Albert wave pools.

“Splish, Splash, BOOM!” “WOOHOO!” I screamed with joy. Zane, Collin and I are speeding like a car going 100 km per hour on the hydroslide. Twisting and turning in every direction we finally reach the end. “Lets do it again!” We all cried simultaneously. So we did, “Round 2!”. This time we went on our stomachs and it felt like we were going 1000 km per hour now. “That was WAY WAY BETTER!” I shouted while choking on water. “BRRRRR!” “Ahhh!” I screamed like a girl. When suddenly, I got startled by a whistle. The noise was to signal that the waves were coming. While the boys and I laughed, we screamed, “WAVES ARE COMING!” Collin and Zane left me in the dust as they ran to the wave pool. “Wait for me!” I yelled as I chased them down. “Woow, woow!” I said as the waves swirled up and down continuously. “Jump onto the wall like this.” Zane showed me. “I will give it a try.” “Jump! Jump! Jump!” It was easy I kept jumping and jumping it was so awesome. At approximately 11:50pm we had to get changed so we were ready to leave at 12 A.K.A midnight. When we came out of the changing rooms it was 11:57 and most people were out of the pool. The boys and I walked outside and unsurprisingly saw my mum and Maata waiting in the car.  We were on our way home when an idea popped into my head....sleepover!


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