Thursday, 4 September 2014

Storyline Tour - Reflection

We have come back from the storyline festival and it was not what I expected. My favourite two authors were Juliet Mclver and Catherine Mayo. Juliet because she was very enthusiastic about her stories and she told us how she came up with the names of her books.  For example her book Mamaduke Duck was becasue she liked the name Duke and she also liked Duck and the mama part I can't remember. I liked Catherine Mayo too because she used the projector which was cool as we didn't have to look at the same photo all the time. She showed us some photos of some greek swords then pulled out a real one. So thats why I like the two authors.

If I was to present at that festival, the resources I would use to deliver my message will be a microphone, so people can hear me from the back.  I would also use a projector so everyone can see the pictures, not just the people in the front, because if you show pictures on a piece of paper then people at the back might not be able to see them.

Other things I would've wanted to find out is what makes a good author, why is there two different people in the same book like the illustrator and the author why can't the author be the illustrator and how long does it take for them to write a book?

I would like to thank the authors who presented to us for giving up their time to tell us important things in life, like to keep reading now at this age so we can be good authors when we grow up. Most importantly, treat other people the way you would like to be treated.

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