Tuesday, 9 September 2014

I'm Innocent

CHAPTER 1: Hunted Fugitive

“No, No, No!” I whispered as I saw the bright blue and red flashing lights. It was them, the cops, they are after me for murdering my own friend John. My friend, seriously police? WHAT THE FREAK ARE YOU THINKING? Do you not see my tears, I am not scared of you. I am crying for him , my dead boy John Smooth.

My name is Shaun Wade, 16 years of age and I’m a hunted fugitive. The cops, yes the cops who are looking for a 16 year old teen, are chasing me like crazing for killing my friend. It wasn’t me, I know it wasn’t, I’m not that kind of person. Why do they think wrong? I mean he’s my best friend, I have known him since kindergarten, we always used to play and hang out together at his house.

The last thing I remember was that a girl named Emily used to go out with him but turned to me. He was furious at the time when one night we had a fierce argument and it didn’t end well.

When we finished arguing he ran out into the darkness, just as he disappeared I caught a glimpse of two big black shadows, following him. I ran towards them to see if they were other friends of his. When they stopped I knew they weren’t.  One had a knife, the other carried a baseball bat. They both walked up simultaneously  but knife man struck first. “No!” I shouted. I grabbed out my cellphone and dialed 111. Both men dropped their weapons and ran off like scared rats. Running towards John I saw a flashing light which blinded me, then I fainted.

Then the next day my life and everything went WRONG!


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